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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Celeste Knows Sami Got EJ's Help!

Chelsea goes in to interview with Doctor Rebert. She can't believe he still wants to interview her after the embarassing incident but he says he's okay with it. Meanwhile, of course, Nick listens in at the door. Doctor Rebert tells her that she can have the job and can start the following day. As she leaves she bumps into Nick who tries saying that he wanted to recommend her but she doesn't believe it. He admits he doesn't want her working there because she teases him and she says she does it because she likes him. He tells her that he loves her. Chelsea says she thinks the 'real' Doctor Patton likes her. Nick goes in and Doctor Rebert tells him to be careful as he is on 'thin ice'. Yeah, I'd be totally furious if an employee's actions caused a random attractive woman to kiss me. Fuming, I tell you.

Chelsea finds Abby at the garage and tells her that Nick said that he loves her. She admits that she took the job just to make Nick suffer but when Abby tells her that she need not shop for new clothes because lab workers have to wear white coats, she nearly has a stroke. Perhaps someone should tell Abby that you have to wear something under the lab coat.

Sami and Lucas discuss their pending wedding and how she has been planning for it since she was a kid. She adores her ring but wonders how she's going to find a dress that she hasn't worn before. Who should come over but Kate? Lucas invited her over to apologize to Sami. Kate, however, is waiting for an apology from Sami. Sami gets a phone call from Celeste who says that if she doesn't come over she will call the police so Sami excuses herself to go shopping. After Sami leaves Kate tells Lucas it was foolish to propose. I don't need to go into details of it all but let's just say she rakes the "EJ helped Sami" theory over the coals again. After a long bout of arguing he kicks her out and tells her she's not his mother anymore. Keep your chin up, Kate. Getting disowned is like some sort of rite of passage in Salem because everyone seems to do it at some point. He tells her she can't be in his life if she won't accept the woman he wants to be with and tells her to get out and she isn't going to be invited to anything of theirs ever - wedding or otherwise.

Celeste finds an envelope that has a speeding ticket in it - along with a photograph. Naturally, it's not Lexie that's in the car. Sami comes over and Celeste tells her she knows that she was with EJ the night of John's shooting and she says she was not - only the photo taken by the speeding ticket giving camera says otherwise. Sami caves and explains how EJ held a gun to her head and forced sex on her and Celeste feels terrible for her. She tells her she has to go to the police and she says she can't because she is pregnant and the baby might be EJ's. She is worried Lucas will find out but Celeste says rape isn't cheating. Celeste worries that things will only get worse and promises not to mention

Steve has a dream about being tortured by EJ and he grabs for EJ's throat but then suddenly wakes up and finds himself choking Kayla. She yells at him to stay away and he tells her that EJ is now in his head. She says that they have to get him help and he says that he was better off being dead than in this predicament. They argue and he says that talking to Marlena isn't going to help this. He tells her to have him arrested. She won't call the police so he tells her that he is leaving and starts packing a suitcase.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 20, 2007 7:36 PM
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