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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: An Important Phone Call

Lucas assures Sami that this is it - putting on the ring really means they'll be together forever. He gives her a pendant for their forthcoming baby girl. She says she wants to keep the pregnancy private for now. Soon she will have to tell people she just swallowed a basketball. That will really have them going. He says he's glad they know the exact time of conception - it was the night she saved his life! That's great. Two lies, one night. EJ comes knocking and says he knows that they're getting married soon because Kate told him.

He just wants to fix everything between them and asks for the date of the wedding - he thought they would surely invite him. He tells them their wedding gift is a month off work (paid) and a company jet to go wherever they want. After EJ leaves, taking the trash with him (doing them a favor, ostensibly) Sami says she doesn't want EJ to find out. They argue about EJ finding out. He says she should just forget about him.

Willow tries giving Philip back his money - she won it gambling. He's not interested. All he wants is to get Claire back. She says once he has Claire back he should hire a nanny - like her. Oh no - he doesn't trust her with Claire. She threatens to go to court and say she was bribed. He nearly throws her overboard and she yells at him to bring her back down. After he does so she tells him that she hates him and says she hopes that Shawn and Belle keep Claire.

Belle asks Shawn if he has a plan and he says he does - a dangerous one, no less. This wouldn't be Days if it weren't dangerous. He says they should get a life raft and head out using the stars. Belle goes to the bathroom to change Claire and she yells that she figured something out. It's an air vent that goes... somewhere. He finds that it goes somewhere outside their room. The ensign of the boat comes to check up on things and Belle tells him that Shawn is in the shower. He says he'll wait for him. After getting the ensign to leave by saying she has to feed the baby in a motherly way, Belle packs up her things.

Patch continues haphazardly packing and says he has to go and Kayla begs him not to. He warns her that bad things will happen if she tries to stop him. She says it was bad enough the first time he died so if he wants to leave he should just kill her now. She takes the suitcase away from him. She says he will have to get through her if he wants to leave and proves it by giving him a little something unexpected - lots of hot sex, actually. He sees her looking fearful after they are done and takes it to mean he has to leave - so he does.

EJ starts rummaging through the trash. He goes to Stefano and shows him an envelope from the doctor saying she is indeed pregnant. Stefano shakes his fist, much like Gloved Hand did after switching the lids of the petri dishes half a year ago or so. He tells Stefano that he made him the man he is today and he will repay him by making him well again. Patch comes in and attacks EJ and EJ shows him the devil card and tells him to bring him John Black.

Kayla makes a mysterious phone call and says it's about Steve - a matter of life and death. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 21, 2007 4:42 PM
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