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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Abby the Mechanic

Max tells Mimi on the phone that he can't see her tonight because he has a ton of work to do. He is surprised to find the garage door open and sees Abby under the car. She says she figured he had a lot of work and came to help. It's not long before their work is all done and he asks her to go dinner. At Chez Rouge (the obvious place to go for blue collar workers everywhere) they talk about Mimi and how she's worried that she will lose everyone to prison. Max insists that she is a good person and Abby tells him that she's sorry about the things she said about her - she was just jealous.

Abby says he should go back into racing and he says that he has been afraid to race ever since he had the crash. They obviously missed each other. He says she's not the only one who had a crush. He even thought of asking her out but she seemed so innocent. He was also worried that Jack would beat him up. Alas, it is too late now. Fortunately, he says, she must have a lot of guys going for her now that she is in college. She agrees to help at the garage in exchange for about a million dollars and repairs.

Billie and Nick look for Chelsea, and Nick bemoans his fate and how he has lost his friend. Billie says he hasn't lost her forever and he just has to stop feeling sorry for himself and give her some space. Since this is Days, you can bet he will do neither. He worries that Chelsea will find out about their sleeping together. Since this is Days, you can bet she eventually will. Nick says just about as much. He wonders why it's so important that he is in Chelsea's life. She says that he is good for Chelsea. Billie gets a call from Hope and Nick thinks if Chelsea is upset she will go to find Abby.

Bo tells Chelsea that he doesn't believe her and he never will believe her again. Let's all make a note of this episode for the next time we see him embracing her and saying all is fine. He says that Patrick has nothing to gain by lying but Chelsea clearly does. Chelsea says she had no idea Patrick was planning on kidnapping Hope. A likely story. Actually we know this is true but sadly we can't tell Bo.

He basically kicks her out of the house and tells her to never come back again. Hope manages to call Billie and tells her that Chelsea left their house - quite sad. Not about Nick, either. She can't say more specifically over the phone. Bo and Hope talk about what happen. He reminds her of Zack and she says that is forgiven now and he says that she is the reason that he's turning his back on Chelsea. How convenient - just when Hope is ready to bring Chelsea into their lives Bo is kicking her out. She says just about as much.

Chelsea finds her way to the garage and Billie finds her way to Chelsea. She says she is waiting for Abby and somehow Nick sneaks in without Chelsea noticing her. Billie tells her that her whole family loves her and Nick says he does as well. She yells at him to get out. Billie suggests he take her advice and after Nick leaves Billie says he didn't mean to hurt her. She tells Chelsea to just give Bo time and he will eventually forive her.

Nick goes back to the office where Shane, er, Doctor Patton tells him that Chelsea was a great kisser. Moreover, he filled the position he needed to fill.

Hope tells Bo that they shouldn't cut Chelsea out of their lives yet again - clearly she is trying. Horrendous things could happen if she is shunned yet again. He admires her big heart but says he can't give her another chance and we freeze frame on cold Bo.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on February 16, 2007 6:48 PM
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