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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: When The Garage Is Rocking, Don't Come Knocking

Max and Mimi fool around. They decide this is the time to really get serious. Of course Abby comes by and they try to get dressed in under ten seconds and Abby is super mad. They determine that she is mad. Abby asks about her holiday bonus and Max takes it out of a file cabinet drawer - it's the book of sonnets by none other than William Shakespeare. She is not pleased with the inscription in the card which refers to her as a sister.

Bonnie sees Billie at the pub and asks her if she and Chelsea can find somewhere else to live. How nice. There's much explanation as to why this is necessary and Billie is still less than thrilled. Later, Bonnie sees Mimi and tells her that she sent money to her son Conner yet oddly enough he didn't go to the bus to come back to Salem. Mimi is shocked at her being just that naive.

Billie meanwhile continues to worry abuot where to live and Caroline says that perhaps Bo will let her use the room where he was living while he wasn't with Hope.

Kayla and Patch talk about John and how he had a funny reaction when Patch was in the room.

Belle gets worried about the Child Protective Services and when Shawn tells her about the photographer she worries more. She frets and he tries to calm her down saying that nothing has happened quite yet. Victor won't take Claire, he said. This is just when our dear friend from Child Protection comes by to take Claire and gets the door slammed in her face. Patch and Kayla come by and wonder what is going on. They promise they will get Claire out safely since that is apparently the job of the protection agency. They go in and Patch tells Shawn that Victor filed for full custody of Claire.

Shawn says he wants to take off with Claire and Belle - but then what? Patch sympathizes and says that he would have wanted to do the same thing back in the day - which was a Wednesday, by the way (thanks, Dane Cook) - but now he realizes he should just give up Claire and then fight the good fight properly and legally. Child Protection says that time is way up now and they argue on and on.

Marlena is happy when John calls out her name but he fails to recognize that she is actually there. Roman comes in and he suggests that perhaps she should go home and get some rest. She says all she wants is for him to get EJ Wells and he says sadly, he got away like The Squirming Coil. The doctor swings by and offers the card of a doctor who is a brain specialist. Roman says that he will be her friend and stick by her. Marlena says that she is going to go home and has a good cry as she leaves the room. John says her name again and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 5, 2007 5:37 PM
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