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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: What Happens At The Garage Stays At The Garage

Shawn and Claire drop by Hope's room where Shawn asks if they have a name for the baby yet. Hello, Shawn - the voting is still on at the NBC web site - that's a no. If you check the site you know it's either going to be Cassidy Addison, Rori Joy, or Ciara Alice. I would go for Rori Alice myself. It seems that Ciara Alice is winning - no doubt because of the Alice middle name.

Steven and Kayla come with gifts - harmonica et al. A child runs around in a devil shirt and Patch needless to say loses it. He says he's just feeling tired. Kayla takes him to see a doctor - she suggests an MRI.

Names are discussed and Hope thinks they should have a contest. The name 'Doodlebug' is tossed around in hopefully a joking manner. Kayla drops by and they tease Bo about how he fainted when Shawn was born. She tells them about how Steve has been having problems and Bo thinks it could be related to the inner ear. This is when the man himself comes by and says it's really no big deal.

Mimi visits Max at the garage and she complains about the problems with her brother. He attempts to make her feel better but she says he should probably go ahead and open the garage already. He suggests perhaps this is more than a friendship. They kiss and right on time Shawn comes in. He just came by to apologize. Apologies all around. They get this brilliant idea to put Claire in an inner tube and have a fun game when suddenly a creepy man pops out of nowhere like papparazzi and starts taking photos. After Shawn leaves Max and Mimi discuss taking it slowly and just before Mimi leaves she changes her mind and they get right to business.

Not too much later, our dear friend with Child Protective Services meets up with the photographer and he says they are now ready to make their move.

Belle and Marlena visit with John and Belle marvels at the wonder of life, giving a new child to Bo and Hope and possibly taking away her father. Marlena is the optimist, thankfully. She misses her father calling her Tink. The doctor comes in with less than good news. He says that he is in a coma and won't likely come out of it. He says he's having John moved to a long-term care place and Marlena will have none of it. Bo and Patch come to visit and oddly enough suddenly John's heart rate goes right up. They get him out of there and Patch wonders if he had something to do with this - and resolves to figure things out. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 4, 2007 7:59 PM
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