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Days of Our Lives: Trip to Mexico In Order

Roman tells Bo that while Abe is away on medical leave, he is temporarily the police commisioner. He asks Bo about going with him on a little trip... to Mexico City to find EJ. There are some problems with Lexie's story and they're worried that John may never come out of the coma.

Sami accidentally steps on Lucas' foot - her bad. He goes on and on about how proud he is of her and she says it's really no big deal. They're getting ready to get down to 'business' and naturally this is when EJ calls to ruin everything for them. She quickly tells him that she doesn't want any more trouble from him and Lucas comes out and asks who is on the phone. He figures out that it's not just a telemarketer or someone from the Mythic presentation as she is trying to say and she finally admits that it was EJ. He tells her that she shouldn't worry about that and he will make sure he doesn't hurt her anymore. Roman comes to visit and says they'll trace the call and they discuss her award.

Stephanie is still in Salem as her flight was delayed. Perhaps this is a sign that they should stay? Or perhaps it is a sign that something has caused a delay - I wonder if every one of the hundreds of delays that happen at airports around the world are signs for people on the flight. Stephanie then wonders if something is wrong with her father. She tells Kayla a fun story about the first time she realized that her mother was Santa - and Santa was putting a bike together for her. She then went and prayed for her father to come back and made the same wish every year until he finally came back.

Patch wriggles around in pain. The pain gets so bad that he decides to trash the place. Well, whatever it is that is causing the noise decided to trash the place. When the noise stops and he realizes what he has done he makes a call for help. Bo comes knocking and he tells him that given everything that has happened he needs a job. Not just any job, either - he wants a job with the Salem Police Department. Bo is reticent but then Patch reminds him that he "owes him" (remember who caused Patch to have the patch to begin with - that's right, Bo!)

Chelsea complains that she hasn't gotten any e-mail from Lonely Splicer. She writes him a letter asking why. Nick writes back and starts writing that he's going to tell her how he feels. He writes that she went behind his back after he asked her not to and got private information about him. She writes back that it was actually just a loser who likes her that found out his name. He writes back to her that she has to treat people around her with more respect and then finishes with a solid Goodbye. Chelsea asks Abby what she could have possibly said that could have caused that response. Meanwhile, Nick's colleague Doctor Rebert (the model for Doctor Shane) tells him he should just dump her as Doctor Shane and then comfort her as Nick.

Bo says he can be on the force - and he can actually go to Mexico to confront EJ. It's funny that they would just let someone who hasn't even had any training in the police academy permission to go on a mission that would normally be handled by someone with many, many years of experience on the force. On the other hand, he was with the ISA... in any case Bo stipulates one condition - he has to take Kayla with him. He agrees and Bo takes off leaving Patch to think about the lovely photograph with a shattered frame that he broke earlier and cuts his finger on the glass... and we freeze fraem on the photograph.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 18, 2007 1:22 PM
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