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Days of Our Lives: The Crazed Man and The Delivery Truck

Max and Mimi go to see Roman about the bones that she found. He tells them about EJ being released. Roman asks about the bones and she tries explaining that she just happened upon them but Roman sees right through this. She lets up that it involved Bonnie and Conner but pleads with him not to arrest them, but since the laboratory at the police station is presently busy she will have Nick do it at the hospital. He hesitates but then gives in. A fellow officer tells him he has news from the Michigan State police about someone else who was on the truck.

Max and Mimi go to Chez Rouge, where Max tells her she did the right thing by going to the police. She tells him that there's something she didn't tell them or anyone else - the bones belong to her father. She thinks that either Conner or Bonnie participated in getting her father into his present bonelike condition. Not through bad cooking, either.

Patch tells Kayla that he's just a bit on the sore side and she can see this from his various bruises. She wonders if he had any episodes while he was away and he makes a sarcastic yet funny comment about it. Enter Bo. He and Patch discuss what happened and how they have to pretend not to know anything of what is going on with Shawn and Belle.

Shawn lets the phone ring and ring and can't believe it when Chelsea is the one to pick up. She says that he can trust her now and he says that she needs to get Bo - he's not there, of course. He will be back in about an hour and a half, she says, and he should call back then. Shawn and Belle discuss Chelsea and how they have no choice but to trust her. Belle worries about the police catching up with them and Shawn says that his father is with the police so he knows how they think. My father and mother are both chemical engineers so that logically means that I know how chemical engineers think.

Merle tells them that there is going to be a ship heading towards the east coast of Africa and they can stow away on board - at a pretty hefty price, of course. Belle decides she can sell her engagement ring. She comes back to say that it was reported stolen and Shawn says he will call his father.

Nick and Chelsea find Bo and tell him about the phone call, and Bo tells her that he's proud of her. They head for the pub where they discuss how spiffy Shawn is. Patch says they should probably lock up, lest someone actually want to come in and order food - rather, lest someone come in to spoil their fun. Roman comes in to be the man for that job. He tells them that Canadian police are looking everywhere for Shawn, Belle, and the toy doll that is supposed to be Claire. Before he leaves, he brings up the stolen delivery truck and how they found a pacifier in it.

Patch says this proves nothing. Roman further says that a strange crazed man was throwing things from the truck and then jumped out, and is now wanted by the police - could Steve be this man? He insists that he was home. Roman tells them they have phone records showing that Kayla received a call from Michigan. She says it was a wrong number. The phone rings and Nick picks up, pretending it is his boss. Roman tells them that he is actually hoping Shawn and Belle make it but he is with the police - for now, he will report that he found nothing in his investigation. After Roman leaves Bo takes the phone from Nick and Shawn says he's happy to hear his father. He tells him he will need five thousand dollars but the question is of how to get it to them. Chelsea says that she will deliver the money.

Meanwhile, the police listen to just about everything Shawn and Belle have just said. They embrace, and this is naturally where we freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 29, 2007 7:00 PM
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