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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Circus Is In Town

Mimi surprises Max at the garage. She's upset that the family is in town and he offers to have her stay with him. Abe comes and tells them some new information about the bones they found. The ring the skeleton had on was definitely stolen - six years ago. They will neeed Mimi's help. After Abe leaves Mimi says she is worried and Max comforts her with the offer of her staying at his place which is, he says, cleaned up.

Abby can't believe that Nick would sleep with Billie. Nick tries talking his way out of it but then admits it happened. He's not planning a repeat as he is in love with Chelsea. He worries that if she finds out what he did she won't forgive him.

Bo and Billie meet up at the pub, just the right place to go if you're trying to avoid alcohol. She tells him about her drinking herself into a stupor and he takes her straight to an AA meeting. After what was apparently a very fast meeting she tells him that she was with a young guy. Bo tells his own story of sleeping with an older woman and how great it was, and how they all ended up happily ever after because she got married six months later.

Abe and Lexie discuss the shooting and he tells her that all she has to do is just reimagine what happened and tell Roman about it. Roman comes in and Lexie asks to make a quick phone call before they get started so she gets Tek on the phone. He puts the lineup photos in front of her and she asks for a few minutes to think. He goes and she gets Tek to confirm the photo. Roman comes back in and to use Patch's lingo, that was definitely the dude. Abe comes back and asks how everything went and she is just glad it is over. Lexie takes off and Roman comes and tells him he's worried about Lexie.

Stephanie has some news for Patch and Kayla and she delivers it at Chez Rouge of all places. Kayla guesses that Stephanie is pregnant but this is not so. Apparently she got an offer to join a racing team in Dayton. She'll be starting from the pit crew and working her way up. She doesn't have the heart to tell them that Shayna Rose was sacked from the show. After Stephanie leaves to say goodbye to her friends Patch offers to get them drinks and he goes up to the bar where Nick has finally fixed the Santa, which starts making Santa like sounds. Patch freaks out and gives it a good smash against the bar. He tosses some money to pay for it and apologizes. When he comes back to the table he quickly has the drink and Kayla worries that he is not well. She says he can trust her and he says he surely trusts her.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 10, 2007 2:01 PM
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