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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Stolen Bones

At the morgue, Abe and Lexie are greeted with the lovely news that the bones were stolen. The attendant says it must have been Conner because he was there.

Conner and Bonnie discuss what they are going to do with the skeleton. He says they have to put it somewhere noone will ever find it. Obviously that didn't work out so well last time. Conner suggests the backyard and Bonnie thinks that will work but for now they decide to put him in the basement. Abe comes knocking and Bonnie gets a bit agitated. They settle on stuffing the skeleton in a cabinet and it turns out Abe was looking for Mimi and she tells him she is at Max's place.

Max brings Mimi coffee in the morning. He knows how to treat her right. She thanks him for letting her stay and he says that she can stay whenever - or, if she prefers, she can just move right in. They discuss this and realize it's not exactly 'taking things slow' (or slowly if you'd rather speak correctly, Mimi). They decide they need to get ready to go to the hearing. They get ready to get busy again (though they should in theory be on their way to court) and Abe interrupts with the news of the bones being stolen.

The court case is ready to begin and Bo warns Shawn not to lose his temper. Marlena arrives and says she will be there for them. Victor approaches and the fun really begins and so Bo takes him aside. He asks why he is really doing this and why can't he offer a reasonable compromise? The judge will be looking at the facts, says Victor, and Philip will be there soon - the person whose name is on the birth certificate.

The case begins with Victor saying this is all for Claire and he doesn't have anything against Belle and Shawn - just that Claire should be with her father. He lists all the heinous things that Belle and Shawn have done. The judge turns to Shawn and asks him to present his own case and he offers a petition signed by nearly everyone on the cast of DOOL. He then says that Philip abandoned Claire and lists all of the things he has done for Claire's wellbeing.

Belle steps up and starts speaking against Victor and how he lied to them about Shawn's paternity.

Willow is brought in and testifies that Shawn worked for a known criminal for cash and moreover, he never even spoke about Claire. She alleges that the fire in the apartment was an accident but a police report soon shows otherwise.

It is well noted that Philip is not there and that a lack of Philip cannot receive Claire. Needless to say this is when Philip is brought in on his wheelchair and Victor announces his arrival - he is in his marine uniform, naturally. Things aren't looking good for Shawn and Belle.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 12, 2007 4:26 PM
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