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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Should Shawn and Belle Flee?

Nick really socks it to Chelsea and tells her that he is tired of being bossed around by her. Abby follows and says he did a good thing. She tells him he should tell her that 'Doctor Patton' died. Nick remembers that he promised Maggie that he would help clean up the holiday decorations and takes off wishing she would take her advice with regards to Max.

Chelsea gets a phone call from Billie - they have to meet up and it can't wait. She comes out and wonders where Nick is. They talk about Chelsea finding the belt in their house and Abby realizes it must have been Nick that Billie was with. After Chelsea leaves Abby catches up with Nick, who is hard at work fixing an electric Santa. She confronts him about having sex with Billie.

At the pub, Shawn and Belle discuss the subpoena. Hope tells them they have a fancy pants lawyer called Dan Howell. Dan talks with them and has some interesting points which makes it sound like he's not with them - rest assured, he is. He counsels them that perhaps living with a former hooker and working for a now on the lam criminal is not in their favor and they have to show they have cleaned up. Losing Claire in the restaurant wasn't so great, either. Surely Philip running away is not a plus. Dan says if he shows up during the court hearing it will not be a good thing and to make sure he keeps his temper even during the hearing.

Hope and Kayla go and have a good talk about what is happening with Shawn and how it has really been a year since Zack's death. Hope suggests another child for Kayla and she says it's not the right time given what is happening to Patch. Billie comes in and says she got the letter from Patch. Kayla says she is sorry if dear Patch hurt her. They discuss the baby and finding a good name for her. Chelsea finally comes in and wonders if Billie has adopted a baby. No, it's Bo and Hope's baby - and Billie explains that Bo is in fact the father. She also tells them about moving into Lucas' former apartment and she is thrilled.

Patch nearly explodes and our friend Beverly at Child Protection Services calls for the police. He comes back to planet Earth and Beverly tries to stop them from leaving and Bo informs her that he is in fact the police. They go outside and Bo expresses his concern for what happened. He explains the lights and booming and the police arrive - and Beverly dearest asks for Patch to be arrested. Bo's good friend officer Kasarus is amongst them and he tells them he will handle things with Patch and Beverly is okay with this. Patch says he owes him a favor and Bo just wants to know what is going on. Patch asks him not to tell Kayla what happened and Bo says that's a no go - unless he will go to a therapist.

Hope goes back over to Belle and Shawn to offer encouragement. Shawn says that if the judge rules against them they will have to flee. Bo and Patch enter and Kayla and Patch take off as Stephanie has some hopefully good news to tell them over dinner. Bo tells Belle and Shawn that Claire is now with a foster family and that they should remember that courts usually favor the mother - they shouldn't run off. After Bo leaves, Shawn decides to tell the table, whom he has named "Dad" that basically if they are ruled against they are running far, far away. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 9, 2007 2:51 PM
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