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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives: Sami's Pregnant

Sami and Lucas make out and they look at the plaque from her being honored and she says it doesn't seem real. She thinks she'll wake up and it will all have been a dream. He says he was skeptical when she said she had changed but now he knows he can trust her with his life since she saved it. He suddenly gets suspicious because she acts a little off and thinks she has been lying. She wonders why he thinks this and he says he knows when something is bothering her - Philip barging into the pub and disturbing the evening.

They can't work out what is going on with Philip - why is he treating Belle like this? She says she had nothing to do with Shawn and Belle leaving though she would have helped if she could have. Odd that nobody blamed her, she notices. He points out that Kate said in front of 'half of Salem' (half of Salem fits inside of the pub?) that she trusts her now, more or less. Sami worries that Kate will change her mind and Lucas says she shoud at least meet her halfway and she says she will try. Disturbingly enough he finds this to be sexy so they make sexy time.

She asks if he is happy and he says he really is happy - the happiest he has ever been. She worries that everything is going so well for them but the Sami she has always been hasn't been able to keep their family together thusfar. She asks if he would still feel the same way about her had she not saved his life and he says it's crazy because nothing compares to her. He loved her even before she lifted the beam off of him. She runs off to the toilet. Sami comes out and finds Lucas on the phone. He explains that it was Roman, who said that Lexie is missing and she didn't see EJ shoot John - it was Tek. She asks him to tell her everything and he says it was a 30 second conversation. He explains that Lexie told Abe the truth and he kicked her out and she went to Tek and they disappeared - only his car was found. Sami says it must have been EJ that had them eliminated - and now they are going to be next on the list. Lucas says it couldn't have been EJ - why would he come after them. She says he doesn't understand and she bolts for the toilet again.

Marlena bemoans the fact that she hasn't heard from Belle and Kayla says Steve is on his way. Kayla suggests that she rests and Marlena says she can't until she hears from Belle or Steve - of course the phone rings and it's Patch. He tells her once they get on the road he won't be able to call but he will call as soon as he can. Kayla says there's nothing much to say but that Patch will take care of them. Kayla excuses herself to call Stephanie and after she leaves Marlena admires a photo of John and has a good cuddle with it. Kayla doesn't really leave, though - but she leaves a message for Stephanie saying that all is well.

She wraps a shawl around Marlena, who spends very little time sleeping in her own bed if you go by how often we see her sleeping there. Marlena calls out for John and suddenly jumps up and hears John's voice, which pleads for help. She says she is right there for him, and enters into a pink tinted world and keeps telling him she is coming for him and suddenly can see him clearly. She wakes up and tells Kayla she knows that John was there. She explains that the night John was shot he was trying to give her a message about Steve - and he is still trying to give the message. Marlena thinks Steve could be the next target and Kayla wonders if it has anything to do with the episodes he has been having - and she explains them. He hasn't hurt her, of course, but he loses control and she thinks it has something to do with his past. It all started, she says, when they had dinner with Benjy. Marlena says they can try hypnosis and Kayla says she just hopes Steve would be okay. It frightens him to not know what happened during the missing years. Marlena sympathizes and knows he can do it.

Belle tells Claire that Uncle Steve is on the way. They hear what sounds like a truck outside - it is indeed a delivery truck. Shawn sees that it is Steve, who comes inside and says he understands there are three packages to be picked up. Outside, Philip finds Claire's bunny and says "gotcha", because any bunny found must belong to Claire. Patch goes outside to call Kayla and finds footprints that aren't his. He surmises that they have company. Why they don't just leave is beyond me. Shawn asks Belle if they are ready and she says they are so they get ready to leave - only Philip is at the door and says they're not going anywhere.

Belle says they have always been friends and care about each other. Philip says all he cares about is Claire, who says "a-gamama". Philip tells them he has everyone behind him and they have noone. It goes to a punching match and they're pretty much even until Philip gets the upper hand. Philip mocks him and says Claire is his daughter. He then tells Belle she brought it all on herself. She won't turn him over though he keeps asking her to and suddenly he gets a good hit on the head.

Shawn says he will take care of Philip but he needs Patch's help. Yep, they lock him in the same place where Max and Mimi were locked up and he suddenly yells to be let out. He recovered quickly. They drive on and Belle worries that she should have brought a car seat. He briefly squints but says everything is okay. He had a short John attack. Patch tells her to keep the mittens on Claire - no need to leave fingerprints. He suggests going on a cargo ship and stowing away. They don't have much money but they say they can handle it once they get there.

Philip yells for help and the police comes in and gets him out. Philip says they couldn't have been alone. Philip, on the phone, tells his father that they could have a lead - a delivery truck was stolen close to there.

Patch tells Shawn that what they're heading into is not going to be easy and they're going to have to keep moving - this will require cash. Patch comes up with a dozen real life scenarios and Shawn tells him to lay off. Patch says that life on the road is not easy, especially when there is a Kiriakis on your tail. Shawn wonders how Victor is getting away with this as Claire tries stuffing a cracker into Shawn's mouth. That was pretty unscripted. Patch says they are going to need some rest because they'll be on their own once they cross the border. Naturally this is the perfect time for Patch to have an attack.

Awhile later Sami comes out from the toilet and he says they can go to the doctor if she is sick and she says she isn't sick. She says there's something she has to tell him. It takes her about five years to get it out but she says she is pregnant and then sobs onto him - we freeze frame here. I tell you, I look forward to the day that my wife tells me she has something to tell me, and then tells me that she is pregnant and sobs hysterically onto my shoulders. That will be fantastic for my self-esteem.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 23, 2007 8:31 PM
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