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Days of Our Lives: Pray for John

Nick just about finishes getting dressed in time and Chelsea doesn't realize that he was there. She does, however, figure out that her mother was just with a man and finds Nick's belt and wonders to whom it belongs - it's too small to be Patrick's. Billie asks if Chelsea is interested in Nick - she refers to Nick as her lap dog. Nick is less than pleased to hear this but is determined to win over Chelsea and heads for a window but doesn't leave. He hides under Chelsea's bed and she comes in and changes and he leaves when she goes to the bathroom. Billie is less than pleased and pushes him towards the door just as Chelsea comes out and wonders why he came back. Nick says he found out who Lonely Splicer was and gives her a real name - and says he is a brain surgeon in California. He takes off.

Belle and Shawn talk about John and Belle is a Negative Nancy as per usual. Belle then says that she seriously thinks she saw the woman they met at the mall staring at her. She manages to find the woman and it turns out that she works for child protective services. You can see this going well.

Hope tells newborn baby Brady that she would have figured out that Bo was her father even if Patrick hadn't fessed up. Marlena comes and wishes her well and says there's no news about John yet. Bo goes to leave but Marlena stops him and says they need to talk. She apologizes for her earlier outburst. She tells them that he was struggling to speak but she wasn't sure what he was trying to say. He apparently said the word killer a lot.

Shawn drops by and apologizes about how he behaved with regards to the whole EJ situation. Bo tells him it's no biggie. They can't believe Doctor Bader took the money to change the results of the paternity test. Belle comes in and has some odd news - she says the woman from child protective services was less than friendly.

Bonnie and Mimi discuss Patrick and how he is now in the county jail. His chances of getting out have just gone down significantly. That, and he'll never see the cheerful prostitutes that Sami shared the cell with this summer. Mimi tells Bonnie all about the skeleton and Bonnie seems upset about it. They visit with Patrick and Patrick asks to hear about the skeleton in the church. Patrick is worried about money and getting a good lawyer. Why bother, I say, when he already has admitted his guilt? After Mimi leaves Bonnie and Patrick talk more about the bones - Bonnie says they will be in trouble if anyone figures out whose bones they are. Bonnie soon gets on the phone and calls Conor and tells him to get back to Salem.

The surgeon who was working on John tells Marlena and Belle that his wound caused bleeding in the lungs which in turn deprived his brain of oxygen. He is, unfortunately in a coma. Belle remains calm and composed. Just kidding - she falls apart like a pyramid of cards. I probably would, too. Hope says they should all pray for him and so they do.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 3, 2007 3:55 PM
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