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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Playing By The Rules

Lucas is just about ready to be released. Kate suggests he comes home with her and he says he's going home with Sami. Kate says that in life there are crises and when we make it through we realize the world isn't ending - and sometimes we imagine all is just right with the world. He says his life is perfect and she finds doubt with this. She wonders if he really believes that she has changed. She says that all that matters is her children - she has given her life to them. The topic of Philip coming back and getting Claire back and she says she will help him leave Sami.

Kate says they should review the rescue - particularly she finds it hard to believe that Sami did what they said she did. Lucas says it was adrenaline. Where was the adrenaline the first time she tried to rescue him, she asks. Why did it suddenly come about the second time? Lucas says it is the truth and she is ungrateful - and he has no reason to doubt the story. Kate asks how a 100 pound woman lifted a six hundred pound beam. (She changed the weight of the beam several time over the course of this conversation.) Kate suggests perhaps the person helped him and basically said it was EJ that helped her. Lucas ridicules this idea and Kate says probably he helped rescue Lucas so she would help him escape. He says it's outrageous that she would suggest that. He says she should either accept her and Sami or just be out of their lives forever. She seems a bit upset and says Lucas and Will mean far too much to her and she promises never to bring it up again.

Marlena reads the newspaper to John - positive ones, no less. Sami listens in as Marlena talks about how she saved Lucas' life. Sami goes in and asks what's going on and Marlena says there is no change. Sami says she has a good feeling that something positive will happen. She apparently didn't know what happened with the custody hearing of Claire and Marlena explains. Sami wants to call but Marlena says she needs her rest. They discuss the doctor's diagnosis and how doctors can't measure heart and will to live.

Sami says that she was really wrong about John and wishes she had seen how wonderful John really is and how lucky they were to have him. If only she could go back in time and tell him she loves him - and Marlena says she should tell him now. She goes over and tells him that she wanted to be loved the way that John loved her mother but she didn't realize she already was. She then says that he was as much a father to her as her own father and he means so much to her. They get to talking about what Sami did and Marlena says what she did was heroic and she deserves a medal. Sami tells her about the award she is receiving.

Sami asks for change to get a newspaper and the Italian coin John gave to Marlena falls out of her coin purse. Marlena tells John that she wishes she knew what to do for him and how the doctors want to put him in long term care but she doesn't know how to handle it. She asks him if he remembers the promise they made at the fountain about always telling each other the truth. She makes him a promise that she will never give up on him and will always be there for him. She then tells him that he is her life and somehow the Italian coin that she put on the table by him vanishes. I wonder what that is supposed to mean.

Sami enters Lucas' room and is surprised to see Kate there. Kate tells her that she is really grateful for what she did for Lucas. After Kate leaves she tells the air that she will prove that Sami lied. Meanwhile Sami can't believe everything that Kate says since she has always hated her and always will. He tells her what they discussed. He then tells her that she is his life. He says that now he trusts her with his life.

Philip plays with Claire and asks if she knows who he is. He says he surely would have died on the battleground had it not been for the dream of holding her like this - he promises they won't be apart. Mimi comes to the door and tells him what he is doing is wrong. He tells her if she is there to lecture him she can just leave. She tells him about their kidnapping and why it happened. He suggests she take it up with him. She then says his heart is now changed as well. He says that he's really the same Philip and they just did what they had to do to get Claire. She says if this is how he treats his friends she would hate to see what he does to his enemies and takes off.

He follows and apologizes - and explains that his whole world fell apart but then he realized he wanted to be with Claire. He vows to her that nothing will take Claire away from him and she says that it sounds like Victor. He tells her that he learned a couple of hard lessons and points out that she was the one who lied about Claire's paternity and this is her judgment day as well. He then tells her that he has to put Claire down for a nap and she stumbles upon passports and asks if they are planning on leaving the country with Claire and he very curtly tells her to get out before he has her arrested.

Funny that - you'd think he wouldn't be able to do that since he invited her in. Kate comes home and somehow finds the internet printed tickets - they are going to Brussels with Claire. She asks why he is doing this and he says they can't count on the judge remaining bought. She says she can't bear saying goodbye to another son and wishes that Victor had said something. He tells her to just remember to tell the police she was not in the loop.

Shawn comes to Chez Rouge and confronts Willow and she says she got ten thousand dollars for her testimony. They argue over this having been done. He tells her that when she's done with Victor's money she will be back to nowhere. Suddenly she says she will come clean and give him the money and help him get Claire back if he will only kiss her. He says she must be joking and when she talks him into it he goes in for a kiss and she pushes him away. He starts yelling at her and Maggie comes over and asks what is going on and he says everything she had just done and Maggie asks if it is true. After they go back and forth Maggie says she has had enough and Willow says she can't just fire her.

Maggie says she is firing her for incompetence and insubordination. Outside, Shawn slumps against the wall and tells the air that Philip can't win. Mimi approaches and they discuss what has happened and she tells him that Philip is going to take Claire out of the country. He asks if she is sure and she says he saw the passports. He says that he has played by the rules for far too long and now he and Belle are going to take Claire and disappear. We freeze frame on a very upset Shawn.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 16, 2007 7:35 PM
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