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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Patch In Mexico, Bloody on the Pavement

Sami asks if perhaps they should just skip the award ceremony and get back to 'business' at home. Lucas points out that her father has a big big gun. Will shows off a new shirt he has had made which says "My mom is Sami Brady and yours isn't."

Chelsea complains to Kate about the award and how quickly Sami went from being hated to loved. That's how things work on American soap operas, dear. They discuss the Bo and Hope situation and Kate says that she has to accept that Bo has a wife and children. Roman comes in to introduce Sami. Kate sees Will's shirt and is put off, to say the least. Sami talks with Chelsea and tells her that if she doesn't want to be hated she should prove who she really is as a person.

Bo and Hope call Shawn but don't find him. Enter Kayla - what is she doing there? They thought she was in Mexico City with Patch and she says that he just said he had an assignment and took off. Uh oh. Kayla is completely cool with it and says that's perfectly fine. Just kidding. She flips out and yells that they shouldn't have just sent him off to his death, basically. Bo tells Kayla about all the freakouts he has been having, obviously in an effort to comfort her.

Patch finds EJ in what must be the first place he comes across, which is about as likely as winning the lottery based on numbers being yelled by a man on the street. Patch offers EJ a drink - how kind! He offers EJ the warrent for his arrest and gives him new year's wishes from the Salem Police department. EJ tells him exactly where he can put the warrent and even if they did get him back in the country, they have nowhere near enough evidence to do anything. He denies having had anything to do with the shooting. Patch tells him that there was an eyewitness. EJ doesn't believe it. EJ lets Patch know that he is aware of his problem and how memories are coming back to haunt him. They get into a bit of an argument over this and Patch jumps him and after the mob of people give Patch a good beating he finds himself bloody outside. He does, however, have EJ's wallet and phone.

Plans for getting Claire are discussed. It involves Belle going into John's room and crying goodbye to him. Of course Marlena enters and asks what is going on and why she is saying goodbye. Marlena is actually all in support of what they are doing and there are hugs aplenty. Getting Claire back goes as follows: Shawn hides in the bathroom and when Belle sees Philip with Claire, she asks to kindly please hold her and when he lets her hold her own daughter she gives a yell to Shawn and he comes out and gives Philip a good beating.

Roman finally presents Sami with the award and then there is a bit of an after party. People enjoy wine and snacks and Sami is approached by first Marlena (who came back from the hospital to congratulate Sami) and then Kate, who tells her that she is going to forgive the past and move on with Sami and they shake hands. This is when Philip bursts into the room and yells that Shawn and Belle stole 'his' daughter and whoever helped them will pay. We freeze frame on Philip.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 19, 2007 3:58 PM
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Is Philip walking? Or still in the wheelchair? Either way, the beat-down sounds like one moronic plan. I like it!

-- Posted by: haley at January 29, 2007 1:56 PM

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