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Days of our Lives: Outsmarting the Not So Smart

Philip comes to pay Max a friendly visit, bringing tea and biscuits. If only that were true. He tells Max he's not there for a fight but Max wants one anyhow - he could have killed Mimi by putting her in the trunk and grabs Philip. Philip tells him that he was trained to kill with his bare hands. That training was widely ignored when Shawn attacked him, apparently. Philip wants his help in getting Claire back and offers him money to get a new car. He pretends to call Shawn and then tells Philip he's not going to do it. Philip vows that when he finds Shawn and Belle things are going to be ugly.

Maggie smiles and looks at the photo of the new baby. Hope says she's really worried about Belle and Shawn and of course this is when Willow comes in and says she wants to tell her something about Shawn. She is there, first and foremost, for her last paycheck from Maggie. She is also there to tell Hope that she's pregnant with Shawn's child. I tell you, Maury Povich could be very busy with all of the mysterious paternity spreading around in Salem. Willow pulls out a note from the doctor saying that she's pregnant. Hope points out that the note says nothing about who the father is and as we all know from Hope's recent pregnancy, all it takes is a little money to change the results of a paternity test. Hope tells Willow that she's going to prove that Willow is a conniving tramp. Maggie comes back and tells Willow that she won't have her check for another twenty minutes or so.

Chelsea says she's going to take the money to Shawn and Belle. Nobody thinks this is a good idea. Chelsea says she's not just going to take the money and run. This isn't an early funny Woody Allen movie. She says it's obvious this is a trust issue though they say it isn't. They say that she can go on the condition that she go with someone and Nick says he will go. She is reluctant but then agrees to it. Bo takes her aside and asks if she is really sure if she wants to do this and she says she just wants to make things right.

Bo tells Hope that Chelsea is taking the money to Shawn and Belle and Hope worries about this. He assures her that all will be well since Nick is going with her. She still can't help but worry.

Abby calls Jennifer for some life advice. She goes to visit Max who is more than happy to see her. He tells her that he's having computer problems and she says she actually came to tell him that she has to quit. He wonders if she's upset about him being with Mimi and she says it has nothing to do with that. She says that she feels like a third wheel there and he wishes that one day she will find a guy who can really appreciate her. She says she has already found such a guy but won't say who it is.

Nick finds Maggie and tells her about how he and Willow are going to Canada and naturally, Willow overhears. She gives Willow the check and tells her to never come back. Willow goes outside and makes a mystery phone call to say she has some interesting information. She soon meets up with Philip and tells him that all she wants is to see the look on Shawn's face when Claire is taken away from him. Abby approaches from a distance and overhears them talking about going after Shawn and Belle. Philip calls her over and she doesn't even know who he is.

Kayla and Patch discuss the episode he had while taking Shawn and Belle to Canada. He insists that he has it under control. She suggests hypnosis and he says he will first talk with Benjy about what happened.

Nick and Chelsea discuss their plans to go to Canada and Abby approaches and tells them what she overheard. She is worried they know about their plans. Nick says they obviously just have to outsmart Philip - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 30, 2007 8:05 PM
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