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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lovely Letter from Steve

Sami explains to Roman how she got Lucas to the hospital and he doesn't seem to believe her - but he is in fact impressed with her good work. He tells her that John was shot and Sami wonders how they let EJ get away and he asks how she knew he got away and she says it's obvious - he would be grilling him otherwise. She says clearly EJ made Patrick kidnap Hope to distract Bo. They discuss how EJ got though the roadblock and Roman tells her he is proud of her.

Lexie and Abe have dinner and Lexie wonders what would happen if she weren't a witness. It would not be good, he says. The whole case is built on her testimony.

Chelsea approaches Maggie and asks for a job. This ought to be good. She figured with Willow in jail she would need someone to cover for her. Maggie offers her a trial shift. To start with she brings coffee over to Abe and Lexie and gives her the check. He squints at the check but clearly can't make it out. Lexie asks Chelsea to leave in a less than pleasant voice.

Steve feels not so well looking at the devil card. He passes out and comes to a bit later. He asks her to examine him. While she is briefly away he has another look at the card and starts palpitating again. He should probably stop looking at the card. They kiss and he says he'll get an appointment to see a doctor - so Kayla goes to make it for him and he meanwhile pulls out the card again. It's like the joke where the guy goes to the doctor and complains that he hurts his eye every time he drinks coffee - the doctor tells him to take the spoon out of the cup.

Abby and Nick discuss the Lonely Splicer dilemna. He decides he will go to her house and tell her the truth.

Billie gets home and finds the letter from Steve. You'd think it would have gotten there the same day, or the next day, considering how small Salem is. The post office must be as efficient as the police department. She reads the letter and is a bit disappointed to say the least. She grabs a smoke and some wine and by the time she finishes up the doorbell rings. It's Nick. He tells her he's there to see Chelsea and she invites him in. He sits on the sofa and finds her bottle of wine behind a pillow and inquires about it. She pleads with him not to tell Chelsea. Chelsea calls and when Billie tells her that Nick is there Chelsea says she doesn't want to see him. Meanwhile, Nick has read the letter from Steve. She feels like a right loser and he says she is not.

Nick tells Billie that she will surely find someone to love her. She says that at the end of the day all she wants is... and Nick finishes her thought: someone to hold and kiss her. Naturally, they get super close and they kiss. Oddly enough this doesn't disturb me like when EJ got with Kate though the age difference is probably about the same. Probably because Billie has that youthful look to her.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 1, 2007 2:48 PM
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