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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Living on Cots

Shawn and Belle get the help of a kind man named Merl. He's not keen on the war we're in and compares it to the Vietnam war. They thank him for sheltering them and he gives them the ground rules for living there including not using their mobile phone ever and not having any drugs there. Merl gives them a list of countries where they won't be able to take away Claire and Russia is one of them. They won't be able to get to Russia with the money they have and Belle thinks she should pawn off her wedding ring - it means nothing to her.

Victor tells Lucas he's putting him on the next flight to Toronto and having him get Claire back. Lucas says he can't do it. It was an order, says Victor. He is to go to Canada and demand Claire back. What if they refuse, he asks. He will have to convince them if that happens. He tells Victor that he refuses to do it and Victor tells him that he has to choose what side he's on. Victor tells him that he can go to Canada or find himself a new job. Lucas tells him exactly where to stick his job.

Nick tells Abby on the phone that he's worried about Chelsea getting a job there. His boss, who is the face behind Doctor Patton, tells him they're looking for a lab assistant. Not much later his boss comes and tells him that they are starting interviews and Chelsea comes in and is thrilled to see Doctor Patton. Of course, this was just a daydream of Nick.

Chelsea approaches Abby and asks her if Nick said anything about the job. Abby tells Chelsea that she is going to go to Salem University full time. Chelsea is ecstatic and tells her they will join a sorority and will protect her from any mean girls there if necessary. Abby wonders if she is just going to college to have her own place to live and Chelsea says this is not the case though it would be good to give her mother space. Nick shows up and tells Chelsea there are no jobs at the lab. Chelsea wonders if he saw who the man was that slept with her mother. He knows nothing, of course. He wishes he could help. She surprises him with a kiss.

EJ is brought in to see Sami and tells her she's the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She just wants to talk, begining with Lexie. EJ says he didn't have anything to do with Lexie disappearing and in any case, he was at the boathouse waiting for her and left before John showed up. She wonders why he forced her to get him through the roadblock and he says it was because she owed him. She wonders what she did to Tek and Lexie and tells him that he hates her. He refers to her as the woman that made love to him and she says that he raped her. He says she put up no fight whatsoever and clearly wanted it. She says she just came to assure him that she didn't tell anyone what happened and doesn't want to be on his hit list. What hit list, he asks. He could have easily killed her but he would never hurt her as he wants to get back together with her. She says she wants him out of her life and he says nothing doing. Counteroffer: he offers her a job. She won't work for him and he says she can sleep on it. All she wants is for him to promise he won't hurt her. He couldn't hurt the mother of his child, he insists. Not possible, she says, because she was using birth control. He swears next time will be better. She nearly decks him with her purse.

Sami comes home and finds Lucas upset. He explains that he was sacked for not going to Canada. Don't worry, he told Bo. Sami says she will find a job and he says he doesn't want her working. She says that the 50s are over and women work while pregnant.

EJ is let out of jail and takes his things. He calls Kate and leaves her a message saying he wants to meet up.

Shawn suggests calling the one phone in Salem he is sure is not tapped. Meanwhile, in the pub, the payphone rings and Nick says it must be a wrong number.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 26, 2007 2:44 PM
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