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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Goodbye, Stephanie!

Stephanie checks herself in the mirror as Patch enters. He says the whole state of Ohio will surely fall at her feet. She says it's not that she wants to leave but racing makes her feel quite alive. He says she reminds him of himself at a younger age. He says that racing is in her blood and Stephanie wishes her mother would understand her like he apparently does. He tells her that she's following her dream and that's really why we're here - and she should make sure to never let the fire inside of her die. She wonders why he doesn't take her own advice. She says that he's not really following his dream and he should figure out what he wants before he explodes. She then says that he owes it himself to branch out.

She says she is ready to go and really only a baby would cry about leaving and he says maybe his baby would cry... so she does. She says that he is the father she has always wanted and he says he is proud to be her father. She wishes him a tearful goodbye and walks off. He has a flashback to Bo holding him against the wall to ask him what is wrong and this inspires him to play the harmonica. He looks in the mirror and tells himself that something is clearly not right - and what is he going to do about it? He tells himself to take an aspirin for headaches and continues playing the harmonica. He suddenly has a pounding sound attack and tries to play the harmonica but has difficulty doing so.

Bo and Kayla dine at Chez Rouge and discuss dear Stephanie and the problem with a lack of name for Bo and Hope's daughter. Bo says he feels responsible for things that happened at the custody hearing and he shouldn't have told Shawn to not play by the rules. He says Victor has always been a pathetic grandfather and he has to figure out what to do. She asks where Shawn is and he says he's not sure but he went to talk with Willow. He tells Kayla about how Shawn told Hope that he's going to run away with Claire if the verdict went with Philip. Bo says he is planning on protecting Shawn from himself.

Kayla says that she should call and Bo suggests she says that his mother and father are sorry for what happened in court - and she can help him. She should talk him out of any insane plans she may have. After she gets off the phone Kayla suggests that he trust Shawn. Kayla wonders what would happen if she didn't pick up Stephanie for her flight and Bo says that she would just take another flight - besides, Dayton is not so far. He asks her to call if she hears from Shawn. Maggie comes by with a 'birthday cake' and asks him to make a wish and he makes a slew of wishes including John not having gone to the warehouse, Zack being alive, and other things. He wishes he could make it all better and Maggie reprimands him. She says he has done everything he can as a father.

Belle steps outside of John's room for a little cry and Shawn comes by to see her. She says it's difficult to see her father like that. She barely got any sleep but it's her mother's turn to get sleep. She is quite upset that she can't turn to John for support in this time of need. She wonders how they're going to get through the next 90 days and he says they don't have to - they should play the same game that Victor is playing and just take Claire back.

He explains that he saw Willow and what she said about being paid off in cash. Belle wonders how this has all happened - she hasn't been away from Claire since she was born. Shawn says that they have to act now as it is the only choice. He hasn't quite figured out where to go but they have to get as far away from Salem as possible. They get ready to leave and Shawn says that they really can trust Mimi and she is on their side.

Shawn's phone rings - it's Kayla. He assumes that Bo put her up to calling. She says that she and Steve are sorry and are there for him. He says he is going to get their daughter back and that he and Belle need some time alone. She says she and Steve are there for them no matter what and he says that they are going to be okay. He asks her to tell his parents that he will call them tomorrow.

Mimi tells Max that the passport she saw was definitely valid - and Philip was quite upset when she found out. She says if something isn't done fast Belle and Shawn won't ever see Claire again. She says she called Victor's office posing as a journalist and found out that Victor will be out of the country for two weeks the next morning. Max says that there's no way they can get into Victor's place as it is a fortress.

Mimi compares the situation to The Wizard of Oz. Max says they're out of their league and simply can't compete. She says she feels guilty for her part in all this and she won't ever forgive herself. He says he knows one thing that will make her feel better - getting Claire back. They wonder how they are going to do it. He wonders why they are waiting until the next day since they have their own jet - it must be something they couldn't have scheduled so quickly.

Shawn and Belle come to discuss this all and Mimi fills them in on all the details and Mimi says that they clearly must be taking her for immunization. Shawn asks what the plan is and they say they have to get information from the hospital. Is there anyone at the hospital they can trust? Shawn says he knows someone.

Kayla and Stephanie stop by the pub to say goodbye and Shawn calls Kayla to ask her to please find out all the information about Claire being immunized and she says she will call back in five minutes. About five minutes later (we assume) Kayla tells him the appointment is to be at one the following day. She tells him not to take on Victor alone and he says that he has it handled and not to tell anyone they had the conversation.

Shawn Senior gives Stephanie a carved racecar and reminds her that she is a Brady and that means something. She and Kayla leave.

Shawn tells everyone the appointment will be at one and that will be when they get Claire back. Shawn says that though Victor is powerful he can surely be tripped up. Shawn and Belle agree it will happen tomorrow at one o'clock - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 17, 2007 6:24 PM
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I think Belle and Shawn did the right thing by taking Claire across the border. That is not Philip's child so why should he have custody of her. I think Philip is a jealous egotistic lying liar like his father on days of our lives. I hope Shawn and Belle keep Claire forever. Philip and Victor pay people to lie what kind of people are they. If Shawn and Belle never acted fast they would have lost Claire forever but I am glad that Shawn put Philip in his place. I am so happy for them they have Claire and there is not a thing that Philip could do about it or any of his family. Yes Shawn, Belle, and Claire made it over the border so they are happy now and Nick told Chelsea that she is beautiful and Chelsea told Nick that she likes him. Steve Johnson helped Belle and Shawn Cross the border. I can't believe Steve jumped off the truck and almost took his own life to save Belle and Shawn life.

-- Posted by: S B at January 24, 2007 8:39 PM

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