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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Find Another Poodle To Kick

Sami tries saying she didn't really do all that much in her rescue of Lucas and Kate has to agree with her. Billie tells Kate about having been kicked out, basically and Kate says she can stay with her. Billie bemoans her bad luck with work. Sami says she has a way that Billie and Chelsea can live alone. She says she can take Lucas' apartment and that way at least she would have family just down the hall.

We get to see Conner who is happy to see Bonnie - she is less than pleased with him. She is even less pleased when it turns out she needs to come up with a thousand dollars plus fines. The skeleton problem comes up and Mimi overhears them talking about it only they of course talk their way out of it.

Chelsea seeks help from Stephanie. Stephanie suggests that she stop being such a jerk to Nick and Chelsea says he likes it better that way. Stephanie also tells Chelsea that her mystery online lover will leave her when he realizes what kind of person she is.

Abby and Nick discuss the Lonely Splicer dilemma. Abby suspects that something happened when Nick was at Chelsea's. She notices that he's not wearing a belt and then tells him he has to be honest with Chelsea and starts dialing for him. He stops her. They discuss what happened at Chelsea's once more only he doesn't want to talk about it. This is when Chelsea comes in and tells him to stop being a jerk. He gives her a thing or two to think about as he says that he won't do anything for her from now on. He says he's over her.

Bo and Hope play with their new baby along with Caroline, when Shawn and Belle come in and tell them what happened with Claire. They are all befuddled as to how Child Protection could have just taken Claire like that. Bo says there surely is something they can do. Victor comes to visit the unnamed baby and Shawn just about decks him. Much arguing. Victor makes them an offer: they can visit with Claire but Philip will be the primary parent. They toss him on his end. A man comes in and tells Shawn and Belle that they have been subpoenaed and have to go to family court the next day.

Bo and Patch go to the office of Child Protection Services where our dear friend tells them that the office received good reports that Claire was in danger and Bo informs her that the reports obviously came from Victor. Bo says that Claire only needs to be protected from Victor and this shady office. Suddenly Patch gets the throbbing pain once again and suddenly he goes crazy go nuts and starts yelling that Bo should see his granddaughter straight away, and we have a fiery freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 8, 2007 2:22 PM
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