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Days of Our Lives: EJ's Back!

Sami continues to cry and Lucas wonders why she is so upset. They're going to have a child together and it's wonderful. She says of course she wants the child - his child. Sure, things are great being together, but she wasn't ready for a child and they hadn't even discussed it. He says he has always wanted another child with her and he says she's a good mother and Will has also wanted a sibling. He promises he will do anything for their baby and she panics and tells him not to say that.

He says that the baby is a miracle and when it's older they can tell it about the night it was conceived - the night she rescued him. It must be that night. You can just see them now on the Maury show waiting for the results of the paternity test. "EJ, you are the father." (Followed by Lucas going crazy and uttering every expletive ever thought of.) Speaking of which, EJ calls just as Lucas goes to get water for her and he says they have to meet face to face. She says he is still the jerk that shot John and he says of course the witness is missing and she says he forced her to have sex and they argue that point. When Lucas comes back with the water she says he's going to hate her when she says what she is feeling and he wonders if she doesn't want to have the baby - and they will find a way to work it out.

Chelsea meets up with Nick and Abby to apologize. She says she is really sorry for the horrendous things she has done and they don't believe it's a real apology, just a fake one for the benefit of Doctor Patton. Nick wonders if she would still change were it not for Doctor Patton and she admits that it is partially due to him. She misses him so much and Abby says she should just move on since the good Doctor said goodbye already. Chelsea says she wishes everyone had their own Doctor Patton. This is when Billie walks in and Chelsea invites her to sit down and Nick is a bit nervous. Billie manages to get Nick nervous enough to spill water all over and when they sit down Chelsea announces that she has been accepted to Salem University. The problem comes when Billie says that she's worried she won't be able to afford the tuition. Nick says he'll help her get a job.

Steve gives Kayla an update and Shawn then gets on and tells her she should tell Bo and Hope that they are well. Before they take off Steve agrees to go in for supplies with Belle and Shawn calls Philip to ridicule him and tell him that Claire is his daughter. They start driving and suddenly Patch has another attack, which he somehow manages to shake off. He nearly nodds off but Shawn gets his attention. They are twenty miles away from Canada when a siren is heard and Patch tells everyone to hang on. The police yell on a megaphone to pull over or they will shoot the tires out. Patch insists he is not going to pull over and gets Shawn to take the wheel. He goes to the back of the truck and goes crazy, throwing boxes at the police. He instructs Shawn on what to do when they cross the border and then jumps out of the truck.

Philip goes to see Roman, who assures him that they're not going to leave the state. Philip tells him that Shawn just called him to tell him the exact opposite. Philip says that Roman is breaking the law to help his own family and Roman points out that Philip doesn't have much feeling for the law given everything he has done and how they were planning on leaving the country. Roman tells Philip he should just call daddy and hire their very own police force if he doesn't like the work they are doing. Philip suddenly starts pleading with Roman to get Claire back.

He says he's just a father trying to get his daughter back and for all he knows Roman could be hiding them all in the pub and Roman tells Philip if they make it to Canada they are helpless. They continue to argue and Philip calls Roman a dirty cop and just when you think there will be another beatdown, EJ comes in. EJ tells Roman that he didn't shoot John and of course he places EJ right under arrest. EJ swears he didn't shoot John and Roman wonders why he came back and he says it was to clear his name. They argue back and forth and finally officer Kasarus is brought in to formally arrest EJ. Philip comes back and says that he knows Belle and Shawn don't have too much money and he will find them when Belle tries to sell her engagement ring as he has reported it stolen.

Out of the truck, Shawn and Belle worry about Steve. Shawn tells Belle he will take care of them and she just has to believe in them.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 24, 2007 10:00 PM
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YourCute and you play a good part in this soap opera I wish taht you lived in Lexington

-- Posted by: Amanda Ashcraft at June 22, 2007 4:41 PM

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