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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea's First And Last Work Day

Chelsea has less than a pleasant time waitressing and drops dishes in the process. Things get ugly when Willow shows up and they nearly come down to fisticuffs. I think they were a mud pit away from a rather demeaning form of entertainment. Maggie asks Willow to train Chelsea but it doesn't go well and eventually Maggie gives up and dismisses Chelsea from waitressing duties.

Max and Mimi discuss what happened to John and they fret. They are approached by Abe who tells them that the skeleton they found was, in fact, a relatively recent murder victim. There's no way of telling whether it is one or twenty-five years old. Later, Max wonders if there's something going on between them. Abe tells Mimi that unfortunately, her brother was arrested for kidnapping Hope and most likely is connected to EJ.

Lexie and Tek discuss the shooting and Lexie asks Tek to confirm it really was EJ. He says he checked out photos and it's certainly EJ. They spend much of the rest of the episode arguing. She has an idea that when Roman shows her the photos she will send them with her mobile phone to him and he will confirm. He agrees and then she sticks it to him - she doesn't want to see or hear from him after this is all over.

Sami and Lucas talk about her heroic rescue and he can't believe she had the strength to lift the beam. Kate comes by and has the same amount of incredulity. Sami tells her that she and Lucas are now back together. She's none too pleased but she thanks Sami for saving Lucas. She soon runs into Roman who thinks that she had some knowledge of Mimi and Max disappearing.

Billie surmises that Nick is a virgin. He'd rather not discuss it. They get right down to business. It apparently was quite good. He asks her to please not tell Chelsea. She agrees. Nick says that sex was amazing and she says it was for her as well. Huh-oh - they hear a car. They assume (correctly) that it is Chelsea. He stumbles to get dressed as Chelsea outside looks for her keys. Billie frets and we freeze frame here.

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 2, 2007 3:48 PM
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