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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Bones, Bones, Bones

Conner tells Bonnie that they dug a hole sufficiently deep for the bones they took but she is of course worried. When Mimi arrives she wonders why Bonnie and Conner are dirty. Bonnie says there was water in the basement, which is funny because it hadn't rained in awhile. Mimi gets out a police sketch which bears a remarkable resemblance to her brother. He tells her that Bonnie made him do it and Mimi threatens to call the police unless they explain. They do explain - the bones belong to her father. She falls into a heap, quite similar to the bones they buried. She can't believe Bonnie killed her husband. Bonnie says she didn't say that. Regardless, Mimi is going to take the bones to the police and say she found them.

Abby and Chelsea discuss Salem University and how Abby is wasting her time with Max. Chelsea tells her that they will have plenty of hot college guys coming after them. What about Doctor Patton, she wonders. No, says Chelsea, it is over with Doctor Patton.

Billie assures Nick that Chelsea won't find out about what happened between them. Being that this is Days of our Lives, you know that she eventually will. Nick says that his first time was wonderful. She tells him he's a good influence on Chelsea since she enrolled in university and he says it was Doctor Patton that influenced her. Billie correctly guesses that Nick has a crush on Chelsea and advises him to make a move on her and takes off, saying Chelsea probably likes him more than he realizes.

He goes back inside and says he was talking with a friend. Chelsea wonders if it was an attractive woman and after Abby leaves, he says it was someone about her mother's age. Chelsea takes this as an affront to Billie and defends her and Nick says he realizes she's attractive. The topic changes to her working at the lab - why can't she work there? Is she too unattractive? He says she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. After he insists he can't recommend her for a job, she leaves and he of course follows. He tells her that when he's working, he's a manly man and won't stand for her teasing. She says she hopes she gets the job and will make sure that Nick will be proud of her and he says he already is. She says she likes him and was just used to teasing him. She's really moved that he was the one standing by her even though she made fun of him. She wants to be friends forever and gives him a cheek kiss. Le sign.

Roman visits Sami and tells her that he has arrested EJ but he seems to think that Sami is going to clear his name. He tells her how Lexie lied and how they basically have no case now and she says that she's sure that Tek and Lexie were killed by EJ. They have no proof of that, says Roman. Of course, short of John miraculously waking up (which, given that this is Days will happen sooner than later) they have no proof of John's being shot by EJ either. Suddenly Lucas prompts her and she says that she is pregnant. She cries again, which is the natural reaction of any woman trying to pretend that there's no way someone other than her boyfriend impregnated her. She tells Roman not to tell anyone about the pregnancy quite yet and he takes off.

Billie comes to visit and she wonders why Roman was there. After Lucas gets a phone call and goes to another room Sami tells Billie about how EJ is back and in prison - for now. She has to visit him because there will be bars between them and she will be safe from him. Sami asks Billie to please tell Lucas that they are shopping the next day. Sami swears on a phone book that she will be careful. Only in Salem is a phone book holy. After Billie leaves Lucas says he's worried about Shawn and Belle and Sami encourages him to side with them to Victor. She says she's exhausted and he wonders if this means even naughtiness is out of the question. Take a wild guess as to her response.

Kate visits EJ, cuffed up. He wonders if the handcuffs bring back fond memories and she slaps him. She directly asks him if he shot John and he says that he would not be capable of doing it. He even has witnesses that will say he wasn't there. Paid witnesses, asserts Kate. He tells her that he's getting Mythic back together and Kate says she's not interested in working with him anymore. She wonders why he even went to Mexico if he were innocent and he says he needed to make plans. She says that she has a theory about the night he fled that involves Sami. She says he must have helped her lift the beam off of Lucas and he outright denies it. He realizes she doesn't believe him and he says that he will dissolve Mythic unless she says otherwise. As Kate leaves he gives her a kiss and tells her he is going to miss her, and we freeze frame on Kate.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 25, 2007 2:44 PM
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