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Days of our Lives: Abe Ends it with Lexie

Max and Mimi pack for the road. Mimi suggests he go by himself and she will run interference if anyone shows up, like the police. She says she knows they're doing the right thing - and so of course they make out. He leaves and it's not even a minute before there is a knocking at the door and it's Philip coming for his daughter. She asks what he wants and he says it would be easier if Shawn and Belle just turn themselves in. He wonders if she is really going to take the fall for Shawn and Belle. She says she won't sell out and he says it means prison for her.

She says this is obviously about revenge and he denies it and says being fair has not gotten him anywhere other than losing his wife and daughter and he will do whatever it takes to get Claire back. His new philosophy is to do whatever it takes. He obviously read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. She tells him that all they want is for Belle and Shawn to get justice. He says all she had to do was to be honest about the paternity from the beginning and it would have been okay. No, she says, Belle never loved him.

He says that if she won't tell him where Shawn and Belle are, she is giving him no choice - yes, he is threatening her. He finds Max' phone and gets Belle on the phone and tells her that if they don't return Claire people will get hurt. He then says that he still loves her and wants to raise her as a family. Belle turns him down and he gives the phone a good throw against the floor after telling them that whatever happens is going to be 'on them'. She makes something up and he figures out she is lying and decides to take off her belt. Max, meanwhile, rushes back and finds her bound and gagged. When all else fails, go for kinky, I guess. She says that she told him where they were and he has to now call and warn them. He leaves them a voice mail to get out. Max vows to kill Philip and she says she just needs him to stay with her and have sex. Well she doesn't so much say that but it happens anyhow.

Belle tells Claire that everything is going to be okay. She spots a new tooth and says that she is growing up so quickly. It won't be long before she's ready to get married. Shawn comes in with a blanket and they listen to the radio as it lists an Amber alert which asks for the public's help in apprehending Shawn and Belle. There are going to be road blocks all over Salem which are obviously very effective since they snagged EJ - well, almost.

Shawn says they're going to be there for every second from now on, from her communion (in what will be some random church) up until her first date, which Shawn says will be when she is thirty five. Give it eight years and she will be at least that old. A dark shadow walks into the room - it belongs to Max, who offers supplies. He explains where Mimi is and that they have to be careful because Philip is out for blood - how will they get out of town? Belle suggests splitting up and Shawn vetoes this. He says they should contact Patch. After they get off the phone with Philip they call Patch and explain.

Bo and Kayla discuss the situation and how the law is on Philip's side even though they obviously broke it to get it on his law. Bo says the best case scenario is that he doesn't ever get to see Shawn again. Patch comes in and is given a hard time by Kayla. He shows off EJ's wallet and "smell" phone. He also has EJ's travel visa without which EJ can't go anywhere. Personally, I always keep my most important documents in the one thing most likely to be stolen from me in a robbery.

Bo says they will get him now and takes off to show Abe. Kayla asks why he lied to him and he says he was trying to protect her. He tells her about how EJ was rubbing it in his face that he was having episodes and how it all started the night they had dinner with Benjy - even the good ones get 'dirty' as it were, he says. Patch says he has to confront Benjy and Kayla tells him oh no - it's not just his life it's their life. She tells him that she loves him and them together but it doesn't feel right when he doesn't tell the truth. She says their love has been based on total honesty and always being there for each other. Whatever it is he has to deal with they should deal with it together - starting with a good kiss. Suddenly the phone rings - it's Shawn. He tells Patch he needs his help getting to Canada. Patch discusses this with Kayla who says she doesn't care what they have to do since they vowed to help. Patch calls Bo who gives him the okay. He calls back Shawn and tells him he has an idea and everything will be okay. He tells Kayla it will be quick and easy if he goes it alone.

Abe looks at some documents with a magnifying glass and looks like a black Sherlock Holmes. Lexie comes home and he tells her that he found some problems with her statement. She says she told Roman everything she saw and he says that her statement says that she was on the phone with him, and then she heard a noise and saw EJ shoot John. The printed papers in his hands say otherwise and he hopes she has some explanation.

He shows her her mobile phone bill with times highlighted and they know the time John was shot because the time was frozen on John's watch. It's a darn shame John wasn't wearing a digital watch. She was on the phone when he was shot and so couldn't have been there to see EJ shoot John. He says he really needs to know what happened and she admits she didn't see the shooting and it was 'someone else' but is reluctant to say whom. He presses and she says it was Tek. He asks how she could do this again and she says it's not what it seems and explains how he jumped in the car. He doesn't believe it and doesn't believe when she explains what further happened and how she wanted to protect 'them'.

She tells him she loves him and he says he's not interested in hearing it anymore and gives her the boot. She swears she isn't involved with Tek and he says obviously she is because of her lie. He says he won't let her do this again and says it is over and done. The world of Texie fans rejoice as they realize that Lexie can now get together with Tek. Lexie brings her things downstairs and swears she was trying to protect them and didn't want things to end. She says she is so sorry for the pain she has caused him but he stands there without a response, stone faced. Bo comes knocking and asks what is wrong and she says she messed up 'big time' and leaves. Bo asks Abe if he should come back and Abe says it's a good time as any. Bo tells Abe about Patch getting the visa and Abe tells Bo about Lexie not really seeing the shooting. Bo gets a call from Patch but you already knew that. Abe bemoans how he he is now without a job and without a wife.

Tek and Lexie drive somewhere and Lexie tells him that Abe figured things out. He says that he will lose his job and they have to just start fresh and run away. She tells him it's insane and she doesn't want to lose her son and begs him to pull over. Somebody has their bright lights on behind them and before you know it, their car spins out of control. Given that the actors portraying them had their last day today, you can guess this means they're probably dead.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 22, 2007 7:35 PM
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Franciscan withstanding unionize Shiloh cringing scowl intermingled.

-- Posted by: win now at December 31, 2008 7:36 AM

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