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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Woes of Blogging Chelsea

Chelsea complains about her lot in life in her video blog while charming Nick looks on and lets her know that he will be there for her. She doesn't know it's him of course. He calls himself Lonely Splicer. He says that he will help her.

Max and Mimi, coming back from Atlanta, are sad about their lack of find. Victor, meanwhile, gets a call from the hospital to let him know about the visit. Max thinks that Victor knows where Philip is. Victor tells Philip that he will stop Max and Mimi from oversnooping. Max of course says he's not afraid of Victor. They go to visit Victor and he says that he has known all along that Philip was hurt again. Mimi is upset that he lied to them. He tells them that they are not to repeat what they know.

Stephanie can't believe Max and Mimi went out of town. She doesn't care of course - she's way over him, remember? Stephanie suspects that Abby likes Max and says there's no such thing as the perfect guy. Naturally this is when Chelsea comes in to say she has found the perfect guy - the lonely splicer! He came right off of the internet. She shows off his letters and all are impressed. She doesn't care what he looks like - he's so incredible. Nick comes around but Chelsea doesn't care - and Stephanie mentions her new love. Chelsea meanwhile has gotten a new message from 'Lonely Splicer' and it includes a photo - not of him, of course. Nick confides in Abby that he is the Lonely Splicer.

Marlena agrees - she will marry John! Good thing a priest is on hand. The priest marries them and afterwards a man comes out of nowhere and says he has a message from the DiMera house - Stefano is dead and Tony is in prison - and that's all he can say. He leaves and John says this is a veiled message from Stefano. He will check the mausoleum if necessary to see if Stefano is there. Marlena is worried that the tomb will be empty. Yes, John says - it will make for quite a family reunion - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 7, 2006 2:26 PM
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