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Days of Our Lives: The Edge Of Stefano's Bed

Bo and Hope are finally getting on well. Bo says that he feels like a failure for what happened to Zack. He's worried about Shawn's involvement with EJ. They go to see him. Shawn bemoans his lot in life and says that he feels like an idiot. Bo is glad that Shawn quit his job. He is even more glad to here that he wasn't a mechanic and is intrigued when he tells him he was really doing. Bo says he can come live at home while he finds somewhere to live. He's not sure.

It's the aftermath of Willow's oddball decision to torch the apartment. Shawn goes to find a fire extinguisher and finally gets the fire down. He gives a good yelling to Willow who says that it's all his fault for putting her in the poisition of competing with Claire. When the building manager sees what happens he flips out - Shawn says he will pay for the damages. Great, he says, but for now he is evicted effective immediately. Bo and Hope come and help out. Willow is soon taken away wearing a lovely pair of silver handcuffs.

Sami is down South speaking on behalf of Mythic. She doesn't realize that Lucas is there. EJ spots Lucas and wonders how long he is planning on hiding from Sami. EJ goes over all the bad things that have happened to him with relationships. It's not long before EJ tells Sami that Lucas is there. Later Sami overhears EJ talking on his phone - Rico tells him that John is there and that it is time for him to leave Salem. EJ yells, "I don't give a damn about John Black! Tell Stefano I'm not listening to him anymore!" He gives the phone a good throw. Not good news for Sami.

John asks for Stefano in the hospital. Marlena realizes that when she was having dreams of a hospital corridor it was this one. She had the weird dream when she was in Smokey Robinson's cabin. The strange things that happen when we go to see Smokey Robinson. John says that everything is going to be okay. Rico naturally manages to be there. Marlena comes back and jabs him with a gun. After Rico goes in he comes out and says that Stefano agrees to only see Marlena. Marlena goes in and stands by the edge of the bed. She slowly moves up to him and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 15, 2006 7:13 PM
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