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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Devil Card

Kayla and Patch enjoy a good dinner with Benjy and Sonya. They talk about how great it is to be married and all grown up. Kayla leaves the table and then Patch gets a phone call and Sonya tells Benjy to just give him what he is supposed to give him. The phone call was from the hospital - John was shot and they have to go. Sonya says that Benjy has something for him but they have to take off.

John arrives at the hospital and Marlena frets and wonders how he ended up in this situation. Patch comes into his room and tells him to hang in there. I think that here John tries to warn him about his assigned killer but he can't do it.

Tek reminds Lexie that she has to say she is a witness. Just as he leaves, Roman comes in with police and she says that he has two gunshot wounds. She starts to explain what she saw and Roman asks if she will go on record. He says that she has to be sure about what she saw or it won't work out.

EJ puts on a ski cap and glasses so he won't be recognized at the roadblock - her performance could save Lucas. Things go well at the roadblock and so she asks EJ if he will help now. He says he will help if she has sex with him. It's sex or Lucas dies. Yep, it's basically rape. She finally agrees to it and says he's only getting her body. Post-facto, she slaps him when he says he's going to tell Lucas and he threatens her life again.

Lucas imagines that both Kate and Will are there but they really aren't. Kate tells him clearly Sami has abandoned him and Will encourages him. EJ and Sami come in and they pull the beam off of Lucas. Before he leaves he threatens her that if she tells the police that she saw him, he will tell the police that she helped him and they were intimate.

Bo gets into the warehouse and yells at Patrick to get away from Hope and he replies that she is having the baby. They encourage her to push and the baby comes out. Bo tells Patrick that he will raise her and love her as though she were his own and then Patrick says that the baby is his. He tells them that he paid Doctor Bader to change the results. An ambulance arrives and takes Hope and she asks him to start thinking of a name. Bo asks Patrick if he is afraid of EJ and he says that he is. The police take him away and Bo heads to the hospital where Marlena blames him for this happening. She says if he dies she will never forgive him.

Benjy finds Patch in the hospital and gives him a tarot card with a devil on it. Not a happy way to end the year.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 29, 2006 2:03 PM
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