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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Strange Dune Meetings

Abby, Stephanie and Chelsea continue to fret over where Max and Mimi could be. Perhaps they are on some farm outside of town.

Max continues to hit the wall. Nothing doing. Mimi takes a swing at it and breaks on through. Yeah, he loosened it. Quite a man. They find a dusty room where they find a door and a skeleton pops out dressed as a Confederate soldier. There is a gun on the soldier. Surely they can use this gun to their advantage. Never mind that working with gunpowder of that age is incredibly dangerous. He points it at the hatch they found and takes a shot at it and then falls over. It seems they will be spending the holiday here but at least they have food and decorations, apparently.

EJ pays Will a visit. He says he looks remarkably good considering the recent operation. He slams the door in EJ's face and quickly puts some bandages on himself. He then lets EJ in and EJ searches around but finds nothing. Will teases EJ as he leaves.

Lucas stands firm - they can't let Sami go through with this! Bo says that EJ has set himself with Sami as a target. Lucas says he just wants to protect his wife. Whoops. Sami gets a call from Will who tells her about EJ visiting. She says she will help put him away.

Marlena notices Abe slumping over. She takes him home where he gets his medication from Lexie - he doesn't want to get fired.

EJ and Sami meet up at Dune. She reprimands him for scaring Will and then says that she went to see the police. She says that she overheard them talking about arresting EJ - and then says that she overheard him in Talladega and knows with whom he is connected. She says she hates the holiday and perhaps if Will hadn't called something may have happened between them. She asks him for another chance, and they should meet at he bouthouse outside of town - this is when Lucas comes in and drags her away. EJ takes a drink from Sami's glass. He calls Patrick and tells him everything will be settled the day after Christmas. He will take care of everything... and we freeze frame on EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 22, 2006 2:07 PM
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