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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sneaking Around The Kiriakis Mansion

Patch and Kayla see Hope, who surmises that something happened while they were away. She is more than happy that he got his memory back. Hope gives the good news about Bo and how Max and Mimi were kidnapped. Hope wonders how he will break it to Billie.

Kate tells Billie that she's going to Montreal for business. Billie mentions Steve and how Steve wants to be with her. Kate lies and says that she is taking Victor to a therapist.

Roman and Bo discuss his trip to the Kiriakis mansion. Bo says he will get the evidence they need inside. He has nothing to lose if he gets caught, he says. En route to the Kiriakis mansion he runs into Patch, Hope and Kayla. Hope gives him the good news about Patch and Patch tells Bo that he owes him money - Bo asks him for help on this little mission of his. After they leave Hope asks Roman what's going on and he tells her. Enter Billie, who asks about Steve and Kayla - and then babbles about how happy she is that Steve hasn't gotten his memory back.

Patch and Bo get into the mansion and sneak around. Patch senses the delightful scent of antiseptic. They find a secret room that's full of hospital equipment and this is when an alarm system goes off and says there is an intruder. They meet back up with Billie and Hope and Roman and Bo tells Roman that they snuck out of the house undetected, and explains their findings. He tells Roman that clearly Max and Mimi have been put on ice.

Stephanie tells Caroline that Max will be okay. Chelsea is there and thinks that they probably just eloped. She has been in heaven since she 'met' the lonely splicer. During the course of this discourse Abby finally admits to all that she loves Max. Kayla interrupts and asks for Stephanie's help in finding Shawn Senior - he went to find Max. Chelsea doesn't think Nick is doing anything to find Lonely Splicer.

Marlena is impressed with Stefano's hand strength - for someone who appears to be ill. John says that EJ now has some 'splainin' to do. She worries that his getting the death card was Stefano's message to him. She tells him he has to get out before it gets too dangerous. He tells her that he will tell Roman and Abe what they found out and will take himself off the case.

Max and Mimi are all tied up and Mimi yells uselessly for help. Max tells her to stop and they continue to pretend to untie the ropes.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 19, 2006 2:19 PM
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