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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sami's Lucky Escape

Max and Mimi nearly have a close moment in the morning. They locate a sledgehammer. They hear a noise coming from upstairs and a gentlemen comes and says he will let them out for the right price - which they seem to have. He then takes the money and leaves without letting them out. Max flings the hammer which hits a wall and it's obvious something is behind it.

Shawn tells Belle that when Max and Mimi come back he wants to make up with them - even to get his job back if possible. They wonder how they can make proper use of the 'dirty money' Shawn has. They decide on buying toys for underprivileged children.

Patrick tells Hope they need to speak. He takes her aside and says they need to leave the following night. She says she can't go so he says he will call the DA. She grabs the phone and says she'll call for him. He relents. She says she needs to be with her family for the holiday and he gives up.

Patch has a surprise for Kayla - two tickets to see Clay Aiken. She says they can't go, though. There's the traditional Brady Christmas party. He is to read the story this year. He agrees but they can go to the concert once the party is over. Kayla asks if he wrote the letter and he says that he did. Shawn and Belle arrive and Shawn tells Hope that he used the money from EJ to buy toys for children.

EJ being Elvis is the subject of discussion at Salem Police headquarters. John supports Bo being reinstated - especially since he is taking himself off of the case. You can guess who's happy to hear that. Abe gives in finally.

Lucas tells Sami she should come forward with the information she heard in the hotel. They find Marlena and tell John the reason they came. Sami then goes into Abe's office and tells all what she has seen and heard. They are all shocked. Afterwards Sami goes out with Marlena and finds out the good news about her getting married - she's happy for her. The gents inside discuss finding someone whom EJ trusts that will tell EJ that an arrest warrent is being prepared for him. They decide on Sami and come out and say as much. She agrees to do it but Lucas intervenes and says she absolutely will not - and we freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 21, 2006 2:55 PM
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