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Days of Our Lives: Patrick Drops Charges?

Bo is less than happy with how things are going with Hope - never mind the fact that he has just come out of arraignment. He knows that the threats he made against Patrick are probably going to come back to give him a good bite on the backside. Billie comes to visit and they talk about the event that led up to this - the photo taken by Chelsea.

Patrick's less than happy with his money missing and Bonnie slips and mentions the amount but then covers it by saying he told her - and we all know he didn't. After she leaves Hope comes in and asks him to drop the charges against Bo. He is pretty stubborn and doesn't want to do it. He says he will do it if she goes to Chicago with him. She agrees so long as they stay in separate single rooms. He finally agrees not to press charges.

Mimi confronts Bonnie and asks to borrow some of the money she clearly stole from Patrick so she can take the trip with Max - it's super important. Bonnie agrees to share the money so that Mimi won't go and tell Patrick she stole it.

Lucas and Sami fiddle around. It is of course interrupted by EJ calling reminding her that she works for him - she has been cashing the checks the company was sending. She gets off the phone and worries that he'll ask for his money back and Lucas says he makes enough to cover the three of them. She says she just wants to sincerely work and then come home to him every night - if that's okay.

EJ suggests they get Sami to be the spokesperson of the company and Kate nearly explodes. He argues that it's just business. After he calls Sami Kate tells him that she will never agree to work for him. Bonnie stops by and expresses concern to EJ that she doesn't want Patrick getting into any more trouble. He soothes her frayed nerves with a big chunk of cash and asks her not to go to the police. She of course goes straight to Lauren who says she will need to continue to receive money if she will want to see the baby. Sami stops by to see him and just about quits when he says she was on a path to becoming a partner.

Abby wonders how Max came to decide to go on this trip so easily. Was it because he likes Mimi? Mimi comes in with plane tickets - Abby has agreed to look over the shop while they are away.

Patrick comes to see Bo and tells him the good for him news - he's not pressing charges. He wants to put the past behind them. Bo says he doesn't take handouts from the likes of him - and we freeze frame on Bo.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 4, 2006 2:01 PM
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