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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Patch Really Remembers!

It's episodes like this that make me think that my grandmother might yet recover from the stroke she had. Then I remember that this is Days Of our Lives. Kayla and Steve are off for a little vacation. Steve makes sure to tell Billie about it. Chelsea is happy for Billie - and shows her the photo of her love as an explanation. Billie thinks this internet person is made up and Chelsea insists that he isn't.

At their vacation spot, Patch finally admits that he hasn't remmebered as much as he thought. She had a feeling it was going to be something like that. He won't let her leave, though. He feels bad for what he did but he has nothing but admiration for her. She says all she wants is for him to be happy and he says he wants the same for her. She suggests they be friends and goes to the bathroom for a cry or two.

Patrick says he needs to see Hope and Bonnie wonders why he's going to bother after what Bo did - unless of course Bo didn't do it. She says that she knows that it was EJ that beat him because he admitted to it.

Patrick gets to see Hope finally and tells her that Bo has a serious violence problem, obviously. Will she keep her end of the deal since he dropped charges? She agrees to go if he won't tell Bo. She can't go right before Christmas, however. She doesn't believe that it was Bo that beat him up.

EJ wants Bo to apologize - he knows they found the perpetrator. He has the mug shots of the woman so he knows it wasn't him. Bo finds himself at a bar where the aforementioned woman offers to buy a round for the whole bar and Bo asks where she got all the extra money from. She says it was a bonus at work - she works with children. Also, it's none of his business where she got the money.

Nick, Abby, and Stephanie meet up for lunch and discuss Chelsea's lover. Nick tells Abby that he will tell Chelsea the truth when the time is right. He is so sure that she will be really in love with him by the time the truth will come out.

Bonnie goes to see EJ and says that Patrick's money was misplaced and she will make a fair offer for its replacement. The fair offer turns out to be even naughtier than what Kate usually has to offer. He later meets up with Patrick and tells him to keep his mother away from him.

Belle says that really, she won't let Claire out of sight ever again. She says that she really would rather not have Claire around Shawn so long as Willow is there, regardless of the fact that she no longer does that other thing for a living. She goes to see Shawn and it finally comes out that he has been helping Willow - to what extent? To the extent that she comes out and lays a kiss on him.

Patch dreams of Kayla when suddenly housekeeping comes around to do their job. This is when he gets up and gets Kayla and starts ranting about Kiriakis wanting a disk. Then he goes on about how they're in grave danger. "I won't let them hurt you, Sweetness." Memories start coming back. He keeps going on and on about Kiriakis and Kayla has to pull him down from the sprinkler. Suddenly it's like his entire hard drive has been restored from a backup server. He says, "I remember everything" - and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on December 8, 2006 5:52 PM
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