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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Mummy's Back!

Bo sure is glad that Hope is back in his life. Hope agrees but she says they should take things slowly. This is just when Roman calls to ask Bo if he thinks there's a link between Victor and the woman that ended up with Claire. Just after Bo takes off Patrick arrives with her tickets and itinerary. She tells him she's only going out of a sense of obligation and he shouldn't expect anything more. Later when Bo comes back they decide to have an intimate moment upstairs.

Patrick couldn't be any more angry. He is so sure that Bonnie has been stealing his money. He tells her that if he doesn't get his money back he's calling the police. Bonnie tells him to go right ahead when Mimi reaches into Bonnie's purse and gets a big bundle of money - and tells him how she found out that Bonnie had been stealing from him. She apologizes that she needed to take some money but it was for an emergency. He's not pleased and takes off. Mimi asks what she has been doing with all of this money and she lies through her teeth. Mimi doesn't understand how this is possible as her restaurant seemed to be doing so well in the spring. When Bonnie turns away Mimi finds her ledgers and starts to look through them. They argue over where her money is going and then she gets a call from Max asking her to come to the garage.

Bo meets up with Roman at the Chez Rouge bar. Bo is reticent to believe that Victor is involve with taking Claire.

Kate is upset that Victor didn't tell her anything about the facial transplant. He says that fewer people knowing about this would be better. He then says that so many of her problems come from her interfering in everything. Kate says that regardless of all that she has always been on Philip's side.

Max tells Roman all about the Philip ordeal. He thinks that Victor is the one masterminding all of this. He tells him that if anything is to happen to him or Mimi, he will know what they were doing. He tells Roman all about the meeting. Roman says he will investigate matters. Max goes to the garage where Abby tells him that there has been a black van coming around. She is worried for her own safety and Max offers her a ride home. Somehow they end up arguing about Mimi again and Max says that he likes her which displeases Abby to no end. He gets a call from Kate who says she wants to meet with him and Mimi - at the garage. Mimi arrives and there is of course soon trouble as the phone goes dead. There's a noise in the adjacent room and the lights go out. Screams all around and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 13, 2006 2:31 PM
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