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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: John Is Shot!

Lexie calls Abe and says she's on her way - there's no good word about his eye transplant. She wishes she were there with him. Good eyes or not, they both love him. He says they're everything to him. Just as she gets off the phone Tek gets in. She clearly doesn't lock the door. She doesn't want to talk but she finally agrees to five minutes. He tells her he loves her and she's just afraid of what happens when they're together - she can't be satisfied with her husband like she is with him. They quibble more about this and her phone rings - it's Abe. She tells him to get out and he does. She tells Abe that she is having car troubles and he tells her bad news - he rejected the transplant and is going blind. She tells him that no matter what he still has her and Theo.

EJ asks if John is surprised. He says Stefano wasn't quite subtle about things. They quibble over John's time as The Pawn. EJ says he shouldn't have turned his back on Stefano. John asks why EJ thinks he will succeed - and why him? EJ says that he is his father's last hope. John mocks him and EJ says he will inherit the empire. John says his plan has a flaw - the backup. EJ tells him to take out his phone and he calls and he says that EJ didn't show up. He says they will pick him up ASAP. EJ says they are alone at last. EJ cocks his gun and wonders what John is thinking.

John says he's even worse pawn than he was as he is doing this of his own free will. EJ then tells him that there are others on the hit list - Bo Brady and Steve Johnson are next. He then says a secret assasin will be the one to kill them - but he can't say whom. Then he makes the "I could tell you but the I'd have to kill you" and decides since he will be killing him he may as well tell him. Clearly he told him but not us - John seems shocked. Meanwhile Tek is just outside, curiously enough. John asks why Bo and Steve are targets and EJ says they are traitors. John picks up a board and EJ barely gets a shot in - and Tek has witnessed the whole thing. John slumps over on the ground. He rushes in and tells John to hang in there as he is going to get help. He gets to Lexie and tells her what happened. Naturally, EJ is hiding around the corner and gets in the car. They find John and Tek says he can't leave because he was a witness. He said it looked like EJ Wells. She says she can't risk losing her marriage and he says if he does she has to say she witnessed the shooting.

Sami and Lucas continue to shiver in the cabin. The fire must have gone out and they are logless. Sami thinks they're going to die and they go for more blankets. Lucas proposes burning books. He will pay them back for the books. Sami thinks EJ must be coming after her but Lucas disagrees. He says they'll put him behind bars. Suddenly part of the roof caves in right on top of Lucas. There's an enormous beam on his leg and she can't get it off of him. Sami tells him not to give up on her. He passes out for awhile and she panics. She says she is going to go for help but first she tells him not to give up and to think about their wonderful life together. Sami gets in the car and has trouble starting it up. She spots a car and flags it down - it's EJ. She tries apologizing and then pleads with him to help her. He says that every cop in the city is looking for him and she needs to help him. She says she'll help if he helps Lucas. He says he will kill her if she doesn't help.

Bo finds Patrick's SUV. He asks the interior of the SUV (he has dubbed it "Lockhart" after the driver) where his wife is. Hope tries bargaining with Patrick and he couldn't care less. He says if he turns state evidence he is a dead man - he has to do his last assignment, which is to kill Hope. She pleads with him not to do it and tells him the baby is a gift to both of them. She calls Bo and he throws the phone down but it doesn't hang up. She basically explains where they are and then tells him to turn himself in. She says he's over his head and he would have really made a great cop. He freaks out and says the child isn't real and if she would have kept her word and gone away with her it would have been okay. She says he's stronger than EJ and he doesn't have to do what he says. He says that getting close to her was just based on his orders. Bo yells at him that he's right outside.

He calls him on the phone and Patrick requests a helicopter and $100,000 or Hope will die. Bo says he can't get that and we hear a shot. Bo thinks the worst but Hope yells she's okay. Bo tells him to let it be over. Hope asks to speak with Bo and she says he's not bluffing and she will love him no matter what happens. Oh, and this is when things get good because her water breaks - she's having the baby! Roman gets a call saying that John was shot and he and his fellow officer head off. Bo is left alone and we freeze frame on him as he gets ready to head in.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 28, 2006 3:24 PM
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