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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Is That A Knife In Your Pocket?

Billie and Steve go somewhere alone to talk. She determines something is awry when Kayla walks in. This is when Steve says he really got his memory back. She wishes he would have called over the phone - and what did she mean to him? No answer. He takes off. Chelsea arrives and says that she's going to get a job to help get their own apartment.

Roman tells Bo he can still help with the Victor situation though he was suspended. They can determine where Max and Mimi are based on a list of properties that Victor has. When Bo goes and tells Hope she says it's great that he's doing this. Kayla finds them and says that Shawn Senior is at the garage and won't come home until Max is found. Patch tells Kayla what happened and she suggests writing a letter. He says it won't help and she'll still think he's a jerk. At least Kayla still loves him.

Patrick meets up with EJ where EJ tells him that John knows everything. EJ says if Patrick gets out of this all that he'll miss his mother's funeral. Patrick tells him to leave his mother out of this and EJ says that Bonnie is the one that blackmails him. EJ tells him that he will have to take Hope with him on the plane and to contact him then. Patrick says he doesn't want Hope hurt. EJ says that at the end of the day he has to do what he says because EJ will be the one with the bloody hands. He intones three men will die - the first being John Black. Patrick says if he does that he won't leave Salem alive. EJ tells him he will give him one more message - about Hope - and then he will never hear from him again.

Chelsea promises Abby that she won't tell Max what Abby said about her feelings towards Max. Roman finds them and asks for their help finding Mimi and Max.

Max and Mimi sit like Indiana Jones and his father, tied up back to back. He says he has a knife in his pocket and she reaches around to grab it but ends up finding something that is definitely not his knife. She finally gets the knife and they cut themselves free. They find a picnic basket and a small bed and a radio - the music they get on the radio is pretty cheerful, too. He suggests they hit the sack and she says they should 'make some decisions' first. Good idea, he says - and we freeze frame on Mimi.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 20, 2006 5:01 PM
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