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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Intimate Notes

Willow drops the bombshell on Belle - she is staying with Shawn. What did Belle think he meant when he said he was still helping her? Hmm. Belle takes it well though Shawn tries to explain. She dashes off. Willow gives as well as she gets and accuses Shawn of just wanting to get back together with Belle. She says she was just afraid of losing Shawn and asks to take a ride in the new car but he says he needs to think alone.

Bo tells Hope that he can't stay with her so long as she doesn't trust him. Hope tells him to please wait - she tells him she knows he's innocent. She says when Patrick described the beating she knew it was way over the top and couldn't have been true and asks him to stay. After he takes his things back upstairs she says that Roman called to say that they couldn't find any information on the woman who took Claire (inadvertently or otherwise.) Belle comes knocking and falls into a heap. Shawn soon follows suit. Belle is reticent to talk as she thinks Willow said it all. Finally they do talk and Belle thinks perhaps she's not that different from Willow - she pined for him while he was with Mimi. He says he's not in love with Willow and will ask her to move out.

Bo asks Hope to kindly please stay away from Patrick. Loong stare. Instead of answering she asks if they can be happy again and he says they can be.

John and Marlena get into Stefano's crypt and are a little shocked to find that there is no Stefano to be found there. John decides to diplomatically leave a note saying he was there - in permanent market, no less. Enrico, meanwhile, jumps out from behind the bushes as soon as they take off and has a good chat with EJ on the phone. Not the latest gossip, no. He tells them it seems that John and Marlena's honeymoon will have to be interrupted.

Chelsea seeks Nick out and says she needs his help. She wants him to find the Lonely Splicer - he says he doesn't know how to but asks if he is the person for her. He takes the photo - after he leaves Chelsea wonders how he is so clumsy. Billie thinks that Nick would be great for her - Billie finally has found the right person for her. Oh, how funny.

Patch is overwhelmed that he finally remembers. Kayla, however, isn't sure she can believe it's true. She dashes off and he gives chase. It takes awhile but she eventually believes him. It was probably the signing that did it. We end not on a freeze frame but an intimate note.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 11, 2006 2:05 PM
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