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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Enrico's Trapped In The Closet

Clothes fly everywhere. Steve and Kayla finally enjoy a good sincere intimate moment. Kayla says the wait has been worth it. Kayla says he's never going to lose her. They discuss Billie but Patch says that she never took this relationshio seriously - she is expecting it to end soon enough.

Max and Mimi are concerned about Philip's whereabouts and wellbeing. Mimi says maybe Victor already knows where Philip is. Mimi finds out that Victor is at Chez Rouge. Max and Mimi go back to the garage where they talk about the baby Mimi was going to have with Shawn. She's glad that didn't happen. They nearly have an intimate moment but just then Bonnie calls and she leaves.

Belle and Shawn tell Victor that since they're trying to work things out it would be best if Claire spent less time with him. He says this would be a serious mistake on their part. There's some serious bickering. Victor says he's the only chance Claire has for a good life. Don't you know a good life is only had through tons of cash money? I learned that watching Ally McBeal. While all this bickering is going on Kate gets in and sneaks a note in Victor's coat pocket - and takes his car keys.

The trio continue to argue and Victor swears they will regret this night - and when he goes for his coat he sees it is keyless. There's a note from Kate - it says she knows all about Philip. Kate has already managed to find the secret door and asks for Philip. Belle tells Shawn she's proud of how he handled things at the table. Victor meanwhile goes back to the mansion where he finds Kate and he opens the door for her so she too can see her son. He's none too pleased.

John and Marlena bemoan the fact that Stefano is still alive. Meanwhile, Enrico prepares for action - something we don't see too much of on the show. He goes into their room and takes a stab at them but John soon overpowers him. Enrico swears that Stefano really is dead and of course this is when the police shows up. Marlena covers by saying they were just being rough under the covers. John has managed to stuff Rico into the closet and has determined where Stefano is. He tells Marlena she can't be involved though she argues this. He finally agrees to let her come with him. They head off to find Stefano and leave Enrico in the closet.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 12, 2006 3:06 PM
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