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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: EJ Set Us Up The Bomb

Abby goes to Nick and tells him she's worried about what could have happened to Max and Mimi. He says there's nothing to worry about and goes to find the fuses in the garage. He wants to use a penny to get the fuses set up to work right again. They discuss what happened with Roman. After Roman leaves Abby explains about the fight that she had with Max and Nick tells her that she should just tell him how she feels.

EJ stops by Sami's and tells her they are going to Alabama for a Mythic event. They're just going to Talladega to get sponsorship for a team. Lucas frets and EJ says that if he is so worried he should come. Sami tells him that he is not to come, that she can take care of herself without him. He goes to Chez Rouge and meets up with Shawn who tells him that he quits - and after EJ threatens him if he should say anything about what he has been doing he stands up to him and says he will talk if he sees it necessary. Lucas and Sami argue about the trip but he ultimately tells her she should go and he trusts her to do what's right.

Bo comes across the tickets in Hope's purse by accident. She explains that she's only going because she made a deal with him. He wants to protect her but she says she can take care of herself. He tells her to call him if something seems wrong. Willow comes knocking and complains about what just happened but Hope says that he is a grown man and has to do what he feels is right. She says that they will all regret treating her this way.

Shawn comes to his apartment and tells Willow that she can't live there anymore - he owes that much to Claire and Belle. She handles it in a mature manner - has a hissy fit. She says Belle will destroy him and when she does Willow won't be there to pick up the pieces. Later she comes back to the apartment and piles up Claire's clothing and some other things. She yells to herself as though Shawn were there. "Let's end it!" she tells the clothing. She pours a bunch of liquor all over the clothing and throws a match to it. Shawn comes back to the apartment but can't get the door open as it is chained shut. He yells for Willow and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 14, 2006 5:16 PM
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