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Days of Our Lives: Belle is Not Dandy

In case you missed it yesterday, Bo doesn't like that Patrick has dropped the charges and thinks Hope talked him into it. I say to him : so what? Save the tough talk for the basketball court. Bo says he will prove Patrick is lying in court. There's a kerfuffle. Billie of course is involved and she restates that she and Bo are over. Bo suddenly says he changed his mind and just wants to go home - does he have one? Hope says he does and Patrick has no problem with this. Just kidding - he nearly throws a hissy fit. After Roman takes Patrick to confirm the dropping of the charges Bo asks Hope how she got him to drop the charges. Just then officer Kasarus (one of my favorites) comes in to say that Claire is missing.

Victor gets a call from Belle who agrees to meet with him in some diner. Lucas comes knocking and Victor asks him to run the company while he's away. He asks Lucas to set up the Titan jet to go to Montreal with an Andrew Spivey - and this is to be kept confidential. He later tells Philip that everything is set.

Sami is suspicious of EJ's offer to ultimately make her a partner and she says she quits. He tells her if she stays he will give her Austin's share and it won't be long before she's quite wealthy. She finally agrees. Since Lucas was standing outside waiting for this to happen he strolls into EJ's office and asks what is going on - so she tells him. He thinks she's lying. EJ goes out where he tells Kate that she will be perfectly qualified soon enough. Meanwhile, Sami promises that if anything goes awry she will let him know.

Max and Mimi are en route to Atlanta. They just want to help Philip. He wonders if she's really doing this to get back together with Shawn. She says of course not and he then asks about the love ya - so she goes to the back of the plane to use the toilet. When she comes back she says it wasn't meant that way and wants to be friends. The plane lands and they go to the hospital where they are told that Spivey left a couple of weeks ago. An administrator comes out and says that he was transferred out several days ago - several days in real time or DOOL time?

Belle gets to the diner where she waits for Victor while a weird woman looks at her from afar. A waitress tells Belle there's a phone call for her - it's Victor. He apparently is running late but tells her that he has decided on a quarter million dollar trust fund for Claire. She thinks it is a bit much. After the waitress gives her something to give to Claire she realizes that Claire is not there! Roman soon arrives at the scene, followed by Victor. Noone can believe that Claire is gone. Victor tells her that there was nothing she could do. Things go from bad to worse when Claire's slipper is found outside. Victor holds a very weepy Belle and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 5, 2006 2:26 PM
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