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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Wonders of the Camera Phone!

Chelsea comes into the pub and asks for her father - Caroline says he is having a laydown. She wants to go ask him for spending money and Caroline gives her some - though obviously not enough for her. She fills in the gap with some money left on a table.

The raunchy yet not nauseating makeout between Bo and Billie continues. Suddenly she tells him she needs to tell him something. They both say at the same time, "We can't do this!" Jinx. Billie says she won't do anything to stand in the way of his getting Hope. They sure are glad that they are good friends now. They both deserve good relationships. It's a darn shame that Chelsea is outside and takes pictures on her camera phone.

Being quite pleased with herself she goes downstairs and tells Caroline she is going off. Caroline finds the bill with the missing money and realizes it was Chelsea. Bo meanwhile tells Billie that he is proud of her and she wonders how she will let go of Steve. Needless to say Hope comes by and misunderstands. Everyone agrees that what matters is that Kayla is better which the doctors have no medical explanation for. They go downstairs and tell Caroline the good news. Maggie wonders why Billie looks so sad. She explains everything about Patch remembering and how she is stepping aside

Maggie tells Abby that her cousin Nick is coming to stay. He's super intelligent and when she asks what he looks like he comes out looking like, and I'm not kidding, Weird Al in one of his latest music videos. Seriously. He says that he needs 8.75 hours of sleep a night. Maggie suggests they all go out to Dune together and he says he will change before she can say "deoxyrybonucleic acid" five times fast. He comes downstairs dressed, and again I am not kidding, like Austin Powers. At Dune, Nick talks about dancing at frat parties and how he graduated magna cum laude and therefore got a really nice watch.

He invites her up to dance and dances worse than Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld. Chelsea comes in and is amongst those who can't believe him. She wants mixed drinks and repeatedly calls him a geek, etc. Abby says she will be carded and her fake id looks very fake. Nick says the police are usually leniant on your first arrest - oh but this isn't her first arrest. Nick is intrigued by a girl with a record. Meanwhile, Chelsea is offered a Shirley Temple - clearly the id is fake - and it says SALEM on it in big letters. She manages to break some drinks as she walks off and the bartender says she has to pay for them. Apparently it was $88 worth of drinks.

Patrick can't believe the money is missing. He had a lot of cash thanks to offshore trading. He tells Hope that he wants to be there for the baby no matter what. She thinks he's just trying to impress her and says his wealth isn't what matters - it's about being there. She tells him that she does need space and time and he never seems to want to give it. He promises not to push too hard and this is when the phone rings with the news from the hospital. She wants to call Bo but naturally he is not answering his phone so she goes to get him. Patrick follows by doing the mature thing, also known as throwing things like a little child. Bonnie comes home and Patrick accuses her of stealing the money. She says she is shocked he would say this. She wonders where he got the money, anyhow and he says he has sources. Patrick says it can't be Mimi and then Bonnie slimefully says that her husband just dumped her and she's capable of anything.

Patch tells Kayla that he's so glad she is back and she asks where she is. He tells her and she starts hyperventilating. It must run in the family or something. Doctors come in to help her breathe. A doctor flicks a needle and Patch tells her he loves her. The doctor tells him that whatever it is he did he needs to keep it up because it is saving her. Kayla freaks out when she sees a doctor coming towards her and mumbles a bunch of stuff. The doctor says they're doing everything they can to save her. She sees Steve and tells him that she fought to hard because she could hear him and knowing that he remembers her and them is all she needs. She says she's just happy that he loves her. Bo and Patch come by and are so happy to see her awake. Bo tells Patch that just knowing they have a future is keeping her alive - and we freeze frame on Patch.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 7, 2006 7:30 PM
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