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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Muscle Car Lives!

Max gives Mimi some good news - a client wants them to restore his muscle car - but he hasn't got the time to do it. She suggests he gets Shawn back. She says she will quit if Max won't give Shawn his job back. He can't believe it means that much to her.

Shawn drops by with the package for Patrick - it is a note saying he is their new messanger and to give him an extra $500, which he does. After Shawn leaves Mimi asks him what is going on and he says that Patrick just owed him money for a job. She goes inside and asks Patrick where he is getting his money from and he says he made good investments. She snoops around for awhile as she is want to do.

Hope is worried about Steve and Kayla. She tells Bo that she is buying a neckalce for Billie and just before he can flip out his phone rings, and it is John. He tells him to come right over. Hope manages to get the necklace and goes over to the hospital.

John watches as EJ and Kate do all sorts of things we wouldn't want our children watching at any time of the day.

Sami exits her apartment and comes by EJ's door. She knocks on his door and asks why the police are investigating him. Needless to say John is listening in on all this and is less than pleased. This is when Bo comes by. He is less than happy to see EJ asking about what Bo wanted. They are even less pleased when she mentions her conversation with Bo. Sami finds a bra and asks whose it is. She goes to the bedroom door to see who is in there and he pushes her out and tells her she needs to leave. Kate comes out and tells him that it's a pity Lucas can't treat Sami the same way that EJ just did. Meanwhile, Sami has a good look at the bra she took with her and notices a monogram - it's KATE!!! You can just imagine how happy she is.

Stephanie coaches Patch on what to do. She tells him not to give up. He approaches Hope who has the necklace for him. He asks her to get together with Bo and write down all of the memories they have of he and Kayla together - perhaps it will help bring Kayla back. She agrees. Hope goes and meets with Bo and they start reminiscing about all things Kayla and Steve.

Max offers Shawn his job back but, showing him a big bundle of money, Shawn tells him he is now working for EJ. Later, Victor approaches and tells Shawn he wants to help but is snubbed - Shawn tells him he's not his grandfather any longer.

Victor gives Lucas a message to deliver to Belle - he asks him to say it came from Philip because otherwise she won't open it. He takes the envelope over and tells Belle that it's signed divorce papaers and a check for $100,000 to cover the divorce. They compare their slightly similar situations.

After Kate leaves EJ's apartment, John confronts her about what he just saw and after they bicker about him watching her he tells her that he thinks ther's a connection between EJ and the gloved hand. She says she will keep an eye on him. She leaves and soon calls EJ and tells him that John is asking questions about him - good going, Kate! We freeze frame on EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 3, 2006 2:45 PM
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