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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Heat Is On

Shawn gives Willow a Kayla / Patch update. He says he's going to try to get his old job back. She tells him to go and apologize.

Max is glad that Frankie hasn't left. Frankie tells him that he is in fact going to DC. Mimi comes by to jeers from Frankie. Max says he was just working on her car. Frankie goes to talk to Abby in the office and figures out that she must like Max. Max, meanwhile, offers Mimi a job in the garage. She hesitates but agree and then Max gets a call to the hospital and heads out. Abby tells her she has the job and then hears someone outside - it's Shawn. Mimi comes out soon and it is not pretty. A fight ensues and Shawn and Willow leave.

EJ summons Patrick to tell him that the police are on to them. He tells him about Bo talking with Sami. They need to find a messenger they can trust. EJ tells him to use Chelsea to keep an eye on Bo.

Kate stops by Stephanie's room and tells her she shouldn't race while the wacky Brady botherer is out. Chelsea butts in and says she shouldn't dump Stephanie for the PR. Stephanie finally agrees to sign off temporarily and Kate takes Chelsea outside to reprimand her for challenging her. Chelsea bemoans the horrible things that have happened to her in life.

Patrick tells Chelsea they should work together to get him with Hope and Bo with Billie. She quickly surmises that he wants her to spy on him. She says she will help him but will do it his way.

Bo is stunned that Hope brought Billie. She thought she was needed. Doctor Myers tells them that things are looking good but it could go either way. For Steve that way is good, as he seems to get up. Bo tells Patch everything that happened. He asks Billie about Stephanie. The doctor tells all that he is concerned about Kayla. Patch tells Billie he's glad she doesn't criticize him for his missing memory.

Max arrives and Bo tells him he should give him his job back. Max tells him he has hired Mimi. He says he will consider giving him another chance and leaves. He goes back to the garage where he finds out about the unpleasantness - he thinks he shouldn't hire Shawn. Shawn, meanwhile, gets the idea from Willow to ask EJ for a job.

Kate goes to EJ to discuss Stephanie. He would rather be naughty. Then Shawn calls in to EJ and asks for a job. He says they can talk later.

All go back to Patch and Stephanie is pleased that Patch is back but is sad that Kayla is not doing better. Patch tells her that Kayla will get better - and then Kayla's machines go crazy go nuts and a crash cart is brought in. This would have been a perfect time for a freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 1, 2006 6:23 PM
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