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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The End of Bo and Hope?

Sami and Lucas are sending Will off to Ski Camp. He goes to camp way too much. They'll be getting some alone time tonight as a result. Some fun will be had tonight, he promises. The kind of fun that can only be had on a couch - but it comes to a close prematurely. Sami bumps into EJ in the hall who tries to explain what happened the other day but she's not interested in listening. They talk and she eventually forgives him - and apologizes for overreacting when they were in her apartment. EJ says he wants to be friends and when Lucas comes out he tries apologizing to Lucas as well. He tells Lucas he wants to start over with a clean slate and Lucas says he will take the clean slate and hit him with it. Classic Groucho Marx humor.

John stops by EJ's table at a restaurant. He can't seem to believe that Bo beat up Patrick - he thinks it was EJ. John says EJ's arrogance makes him think that he really did it.

Max and Mimi are continuing to research Philip and Mimi gets a phone call from Bonnie to tell her what happened with Patrick. She rushes off. Abby expresses concern that Max may be having feelings for Mimi and he says he isn't. She wonders how he doesn't realize that she is clearly falling for him.

Patrick reminisces on his trip to New York with Hope. He asks her to think of him as a friend, at least. Bonnie comes in with some medical technicians and somehow Bonnie manages to take his cash again. Shawn comes by and gives Hope a note from Bo. It basically says that he didn't beat up Patrick. Mimi comes in and wonders how this all happened. Everyone knows that he and EJ have been passing notes. If they're not careful, the teacher will take one of the notes and read it in front of the class. Hope says she is finished with Bo as a result of this. Patrick realizes that his money was yet again stolen. Mimi gets a phone call from Max saying that it's possible he found Philip - when they get off the phone she says, " ya." Oops.

When Mimi comes back Max tells her that he thinks he may have found Philip in a hospital in Atlanta and Mimi says they should go there. He says that he could be anywhere and they can't afford to fly all over the country and she says she knows where to get money. Uh-oh.

Bo says sure he visited Patrick, but he didn't touch him. He asks Shawn to get in touch with Hope. Abe doesn't care for his word and says he is now officially fired. John comes in and stands up for Bo - clearly it was EJ that did it. Abe barks that he doesn't want to think about EJ. He will be willing to talk about it when John has proof.

Hope gets to the police station where she sees Bo just about long enough to tell him that it's over between them. As they drag him off to jail Roman comes over and tells her she should intercede with Patrick. He leaves and she has a good cry.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 30, 2006 2:20 PM
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