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Days of Our Lives: Sami Did Not Sleep With That Man

Excuse this being a little shorter than ordinary. I am in the middle of my once a year being really sick and it's quite a bear, believe you me.

Patch feels bad that he is lying to Kayla, who looks to him like the anchor she has on a gold chain from their first wedding. Stephanie is all sorts of excited for the future and Patch tells her they will have to take it slowly.

Billie whinges about losing Steve and explains all about his getting his memory back. Kate tells her to find a man who will appreciate her. (Maybe one that isn't married?) Billie then goes to visit Steve, who gives her the necklace he got her but she doesn't want to accept it given the circumstances. Stephanie comes by and Billie leaves. Doctor Myers tells them that Kayla isn't doing so well.

Sami thanks Lucas for his help. EJ comes by and Lucas nearly rips his head right off for sleeping with his mother. Clearly he's not wanted there. Lucas asks her if she slept with EJ and she says she did not. Lucas is sure glad that's the case.

Doctor Bader recommends Hope get an Amniocentesis test and Patrick says it is unnecessary. Hope pushes for it. Lockhart is of course worried that the test will reveal Bo as the father. He makes sure to tell her to have the tests have him still be the father.

A key is found in Patrick Lockhart's locker that has his ID on it, which matches a number on Eve Michaels bank statements. Bo joins John in the surveillance truck and watch as Kate tells EJ about John asking about him. John calls EJ and says they should meet. EJ leaves and of course Kate starts looking around. Meanwhile John and EJ meet up at the penthouse and have a reasonably pleasant conversation though EJ doesn't want to talk about Patrick. EJ leaves and Kate is still looking around the apartment. We end on Kate looking around whlie EJ unlocks the door to his apartment.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 10, 2006 3:30 PM
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