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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Revenge of the Nerd

Note:; No DOOL on Wednesday for some reason. There was a special on Kennedy.

Will teases Sami about her life flashing before her eyes on a roller coaster. They spot Abe having dinner with Lexie and Lucas encourages her to go over and apologize.

Lexie and Abe are contemplating dessert and Lexie can't believe that Sami is there having a good time. Sami comes on over and tells Lexie that she is really sorry for what happened. She's not expecting friendship but she just wants to apologize. Lexie tells her where to put her sorry - in a sack, obviously. They argue semantics and Sami takes off. Lexie then excuses herself and finds Sami in the restroom and proceeds to pour a bottle of champagne on her head. She leaves and sits back with Abe who finds it consternating that she just poured a two hundred bottle of champagne on Sami. I was personally consternated that Sami overreacted worse than the elder woman in the one touch can opener commercial.

Nick offers to pay for the glasses Chelsea broke but she says she'll work for them. The bartender is more interested in Nick's watch. They agree to a bet. If Nick can get an olive in a brandy glass without touching it, he wins. Otherwise, no more watch. He manages to do so by spinning the glass around the olive and fliping it over. Suddenly Chelsea is less rude to him. Apparently Nick is interested in Chelsea - he goes for bad girl types. He finds her to be like a reality show girl. Abby thanks Nick for a nice evening. It's like an all new Revenge of the Nerds. Actually, they really are remaking the original, so never mind.

Both Belle and Shawn aren't interested in Victor's money, they may as well tell him at the same time. Much quibbling follows. Apparently Victor just wants to be close to Claire since obviously Philip is gone - he even hired a detective agency to find him and they failed. He leaves them to discuss things and Shawn says he will prove he can be a good father - a big bundle of cash is evidence, right? When Victor comes back they tell him that he can be part of Claire's life so long as he follows the rules - and they leave. We get a nice parting shot freeze frame on Victor.

-- Gordon Davidescu

PS : I think I have determined that Nick is Abby's third cousin. Second at best. I worked it out through a family tree online.

Posted by Gordon on November 9, 2006 2:35 PM
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