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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Making the Best of the Worst

Billie stops by Hope's where Hope tells her that clearly Chelsea just wants to ruin her marriage to Bo - and she's sick of it. She doesn't believe that Bo and her are just friends - who lays around naked with friends? Billie says surely Bo won't go after Patrick.

Shawn and Willow discuss new purchases and are about to get busy as it were when EJ comes knocking and tells him to improve his work ethic. He threatens to fire him and after Willow leaves Shawn says that Patrick calls a lot but doesn't ever pay him. EJ says he should have called him.

Patrick tries calling Shawn but gets voice mail, and so he gives EJ a call, who tells him not to call him directly. This is when Bonnie comes in and says he probably misplaced his money but he doesn't want to hear it - he knows she stole it. She leaves and sees Bo coming in, who tells Patrick to stay away from Patrick. That's the thrust of his argument. After Bo leaves EJ comes in and says he has made a mess of things. Patrick tries explaining that someone stole his money and EJ isn't giving any sympathy and gives him a good beating with his belt.

Hope stops by Shawn's looking for Bo when her phone rings - it's Patrick, calling from a pile in his apartment where he suspects he is dying. Good thing EJ gave him a bunch of money. Of course when she goes to him he says it was Bo that beat him up. She takes him to the hospital where Bonnie says they will have to sue Bo and Hope calls Bo to tell him that she just doesn't know him anymore. Needless to say, it's not long before a police officer shows up where Bo is and puts him under arrest. To think he thought it was just a joke!

Chelsea wonders how she will live life without instant messaging and Abby suggests she get a job - but Nick steps in (of course) and offers to let her use one of his laptops. When Nick goes to get the laptop Abby says she should stop manipulating him. She can't believe that Nick has a crush on him. When Nick comes back she decides she is going to do the only logical thing - she's going to set up a web camera and babble about her feelings regarding the world on it! Naturally.

Shawn takes Willow out for a drive in his nice new car and they go to Chez Rouge for dinner. After he decides he doesn't want escargot after all, Abby comes by the table and says Bo needs him as he has been arrested - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 29, 2006 2:12 PM
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