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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Chelsea's Bad E-Mail

Kate comes looking for John. She's not too pleased with him for some reason. She is upset because he talked her into looking through EJ's things. Marlena says that the ring she found was a DiMera ring and Kate argues it is a class ring. Marlena somehow figures out that she is sleeping with EJ. Surely she's letting her heart rule over her.

The tarot cards are further scrutinized by John, Abe, and Roman. After much discussion of the death card they say that John should go to Italy and figure out what's going on. John says he can't go on the case because he promised. Roman says it could mean the DiMeras would win - and we're not talking a football pool here. He finally agrees so long as nobody tells Marlena or anyone else. Later, John goes back to the penthouse and tells Marlena that he has to go to Italy on business.

Chelsea is less than pleased when Billie gets a phone call from Stephen saying they should have lunch at some place out in the country. Enter Patrick, who shows Billie the photo he got of Billie and Bo. Billie tells her surely Bo will disown her for good. Billie tells her off for doing this and meanwhile outside Patrick reminds Doctor Bader (and us) that she has to do the amniocentesis so Hope doesn't find out that Bo is the father. Bo finds his way over there and he and Billie give her a super hard time over what she did. She stubbornly refuses to give up trying to get her parents together and he picks up her laptop and chucks it out the door. She probably shouldn't have sent that photo.

Patch tells Kayla and Stephanie that he's going out, much to Stephanie's protests. Kayla recounts once when they were in a cabin - we have a lovely flashback of Patch inadvertantly getting a sprinkler system going. They joke about this memory and we soon have another flashback. Stephen says he feels like he wants to go out for a little and Kayla says he should go for a drive. Stephanie comes in pleased - she was helping Steve set up e-mail and he got an e-mail with the infamous photo. Kayla hyperventilates when she finds out when it was taken. He gets a call from Billlie and says he's not going to be coming for lunch.

Hope is touched by the card that Bo sent her. It says that he never wants to lose her again. She leaves to slip into something more comfortable as it were. When she comes back she is less than chuffed and shows him the photo she got - of him and Billie. He tries to explain but nothing doing. He gets a phone call from Billie and says he will come right over. A bit later, Patrick comes over and is upset that Bo gave her flowers. He tries to tell her that Bo is cheating on her and he wouldn't do such a thing and somehow in reaching for her breaks her vase of Bo flowers. She kicks him out on that note. When Bo comes back and sees what happened he is enraged and exits. Hope follows - and we freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 28, 2006 1:51 PM
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