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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Benjy's Back!

Belle tells Victor that she has to set up some ground rules for his seeing Claire - some of which he may not even like. There will be a tight schedule and she can't stay there overnight - and no overdoing of the spoiling. Philip is not to be forgotten and they are not to leave Salem. I guess they can't be written off the show. Belle leaves and Victor tells the air that Claire won't forget Philip. He tells her that he has big plans for her that will start today. He then takes her to what must be a secret room - he tells her not to tell anyone about it.Inside the room is a bandaged up man who, presumably, must be Philip.

Shawn shows off his new flat to Willow who is excited to move in. He tells her that Belle will be coming by to check it out. They fight about this and of course she leaves in a huff (not a minute and a huff.) He naturally hides Willow's belongings and when Belle arrives she checks it all out. This is when a call from Patrick comes in and he says he'll be right over. He asks Belle to stay so of course she looks around and finds Willow's purse. When Willow comes back they tear into each other. Shawn comes back to this lovely scene and Willow leaves again, saying they won't be living together. Belle tells Shawn that clearly she is unstable and Claire won't visit him if he has Willow live with him.

Strange Blonde Guy (SBG) checks out the Brady / Horton group at the hospital and we see Patrick have another look at that note of his. Patrick meets up with Shawn and gives him an envelope instructing EJ to take down John Black's plane.

Word on the street is that John can't get clearance with his big plane. He gets the notion to take his smaller plane with which he doesn't need to get clearance. John and Marlena take off to go and take off and Patch asks Bo if he and Kayla can have some relatively alone time so everyone goes to the pub. SBG comes up to the window and starts signing to Patch, who signs in return. It's Benjy, obviously - and Patch remembers him and calls him Benjimonkey. Lovely flashback of a holiday they spent together and Patch is moved by his remembering. Kayla comes to after Benjy leaves and he tells her all about the visit. Stephanie comes by and all are encouraged.

Bo and Hope have a lovely discussion at the pub. He tells her all about Patrick's identification being on Eve's bank statement. He has Roman and John's backing on this bad bear.

John and Marlena prepare for takeoff with a kiss, of course. They talk about the DiMeras and John promises he won't chase after them anymore - he's supposed to be making her happy for the rest of their lives and naturally at some point the oil pressure light comes on. Hoboy. John calls in for help and we freeze frame on Marlena.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 14, 2006 6:08 PM
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It was great to see Benjy back and I hope he will be around more..I wonder what happened to Phillip? Maybe Phillip should be with Mimi. I don't wanna him to be with Belle, Belle's heart belongs with Shawn. Also, please fix Shawn up...I mean his apppearence isn't really exactly like old sexy Shawn. eg. Jason Cook. I really like the old Shawn but the new Shawn looks too old for Belle and they don't seem they belong together. Thanks.

-- Posted by: Gracie Tsang at November 18, 2006 2:41 PM

I really have a hard time when soaps keep on switching the chatacters. I mean the new Shawn Brady does not suite the show. He's a good actor, but the old Shawn, Jason Cook was perfect. He was there too long to switch him up. The same goes for Phillip. I am so glad that they are bringing him back. The other guy looked like a "juice monkey." I think that he had one too many protien... but that's just my opionion. Maybe that's why I have lost interest in watching my once favorite soap for 13 years. It's rather unfortunate.

-- Posted by: Angela at December 18, 2006 9:10 PM

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