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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Want Some Pie? Of Course You Do!

Bonnie tells Mimi that things are going to work out if he has some time. Mimi disagrees - they are finished. Bonnie is determined to get Shawn back. She quotes Vince Lombardi, believe it or not. Mimi protests that it was her doing that caused this - and to Bonnie clearly the only important thing is money. All she wanted was for Mimi to end up with someone who was better than her father. Mimi says that it must be that for people like them, dreams never come true. Mimi and Shawn will get back together, says Bonnie - but in case they don't she should start thinking about the divorce settlement. Alone, Mimi sobs and cries for Shawn and says she is sorry.

As Shawn playsbasketball a woman in stiletto heels compliments his shot and 'killer body' and offers her "company" - but he is not interested. She continues to proposition him and he says he is going to call a cop. She asks if he is having girl trouble since he missed a shot. She drops an angel necklace and after explaining that she got it, and introduces herself as Willow. He introduces himself as Shawn, which coincidentally her grandfather's name - and his as well. Shawn tells Willow all about Claire and how Mimi knew all along. Are they still in love, she asks. He explains that he loves Belle but then describes the weird nearly incestuous situation he has - Philip - Belle - Mimi etc. Willow offers him another beer and he says he has to work things out sober - besides, he has a problem with beer. He's not sure what he is going to do with his father but he agrees he is lucky to have parents - she seems to have it worse than him. He gives her Chez Rouge's phone number - where all the rich people eat, she says - and he tells her to tell Maggie that Shawn Brady told her to call - for a job, that is. They kiss, naturally. She offers him a free... ride. He takes out his wallet and gives her some money and tells her to get a good place to sleep and somet clothing for interviewing with Maggie. Perhaps they are each other's angels, Shawn says.

Sami tells Lucas that she can cook so they don't have to go out to eat. Lucas says that two meals of hers could constitute 'cruel and unusual punishment.' EJ knocks at the door and is introduced to Sami's new roommate and explains the situation. EJ hopes Will appreciates it and wonders if Lucas will be okay sleeping on the couch. Of course he was just being cute, Sami says. Good, says EJ - and surely he won't mind that Sami is asked out on a date by EJ? Sami didn't even know he was interested. Lucas says the rest of the world surely did. It is short notice for that evening but they agree on the following evening - which means you might see this date sometime next week. I kid. (I hope.)

At the diner, Sami, Will, and Lucas arrive. The waitress says that Sami looks so much nicer in person and Sami gets a little bit defensive, needless to say. A girl whose name is apparently Brooke asks for his autograph. She thinks he is cute in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way. Sami mothers him and he suddenly snaps that he hates her. Lucas tells him to apologize and he does. Sami just wants to make up for past mistakes. Not marrying Austin was the right decision - he was still in love with Carrie. When it comes out that Sami is going out with EJ Will is none too pleased.

Back at the flat EJ asks how things went - quite well. EJ is looking forward to dinner. After Will goes nighty night Lucas gets pillows and blankets thrown at him and he is incredulous. Will he really sleep on the couch? She doesn't want to hear him snore.

Bo enjoys pie - it covers all the major food groups. Hope wants to call Shawn but Bo says it's late - and she calls anyhow. Hope asks what Chelsea was talking with her about and he says she was maybe playing matchmaker - and explains that she saw Patch and Billie kissing. Hope tries to make an analogy to Bo in that Patch doesn't know Kayla anymore. Hope asks what he told Chelsea and he says that the only thing he and Billie share are their child and that there is only one woman for him and it is Hope. Hope says that she has an unsettled feeling about Marlena and everything other than finding out that Claire is their grandfather. He takes her out for a walk on the mysterious waterfront which confounds me as to where in the country Salem could be to be MidWest and yet have waterfront access like that. They somehow end up by the Fancy Face and Bo suggests they go onboard. They have memories of Shawn and Hope says that she misses Zack every day - and the baby she has now reminds her of being pregnant with Zack. The hurt is not going away, she says - and they hug. Bo takes the blame for giving the keys to Chelsea and Hope suddenly says she knows he is sorry - but she feels responsible as well. Bo insists she not do this to herself. He is soon leading her into the boat's bedroom. You can just imagine the fireworks that are soon shoot off.

Posted by Gordon on October 3, 2006 2:58 PM
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Ok, Now this is a HUGE long shot, but your tag line...Want some pie? 'Course you do. Just takes me back about 10 years playing Zork and having to get past the "Want some Rye? 'Course you do." puzzle. Am I close?

-- Posted by: Wendy at October 5, 2006 11:59 PM

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