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Days of Our Lives: There's A Surprise In Every Box!

Abe and Lexie share a tender moment on the couch. It's just like old times, Abe says. Yes, says Lexie. Each of them are worried about whether it is real. Trust is not a commodity, they agree. Lexie says she hasn't ever felt that she deserved him and he says he will always love her but asks one thing - that she never sees Tek again.

Belle wakes up and sees Sami - why are these things happening to her? Sami tells her they are going to make it. Sami asks where Philip is - he's at home with Claire. Sami tells Belle that she knows she loves Shawn and Belle wishes Marlena were there. Sami calls John and tells him that she lost the baby and asks about Marlena - he says he's working on a lead - and to tell Belle to hang in there, and that he will bring Marlena home. Later, Frankie comes in and tells her that Shawn has dropped the custody suit.

Philip wonders what Shawn is doing still there. He apologizes again and says he realizes Philip had a hard choice to make - wishes him a good night and takes off. Later he goes to the hospital and sees Mimi and they argue over the surrogate and what is to happen to their baby.

Shawn is just about ready to go and Mimi tells him that she's cancelling the contract with the surrogate. He doesn't care as it's not his baby. He tells her Belle just lost his baby and that she is fine physically but obviously not in any other way. He leaves and tells her she and Philip can do whatever they want.

Patch cries over Stephanie. Kayla comes in and he tells her that he remembered holding her in his arms. He goes off and asks for a minute and Kayla tells Stephanie that everything's going to be okay.

Outside, Patch tells Billie that he remembered Stephanie and doesn't know if he can handle it - it was as though it was yesterday, this memory. Kayla approaches and Billie tells him she thinks he can. Patch and Kayla blubber into each other's arms. Kayla is excited for the future but alas he still doesn't remember her. The bottom line is, he says, he doesn't remember who he is - and he takes off. Billie follows.

EJ walks into the hospital with a bouquet of flowers and Lucas quickly surmises that they must be for Sami. He asks what he is trying to prove and EJ says he is just being a good friend. Lucas says when Sami is vulnerable she jumps into things that are not good for her. Like himself? asks EJ. Sami comes out and asks what is going on and Lucas asks how Belle is doing. Sami asks for whom the flowers are and EJ says they are for Belle - and what about dinner. She says she can't and when he asks her if she had eaten at all she says she hasn't - and so it is settled: dinner. They agree to a time for dinner and EJ gives the flowers to Lucas to give to Belle.

Kate asks if Victor has heard that Belle lost the baby - and she walks him along to the conclusion that Shawn should be with Belle - Victor tells her to stay out. Kate tells Victor about Lauren - the surrogate who is to have Philip's child. Does Victor really want Bonnie Lockhart in their family? Shawn comes and asks about Stephanie and finds out she is improving. Victor pulls him aside and says that Titan is not going to be financing the engine after all. The engine will always have an association with something ugly and the company can't afford that. Shawn argues that he is his grandson and Victor says he has shareholders to think about but they will surely work together in the future.

Later, Philip tells both Victor and Kate that he has to make the right decision - there are two children's lives at stake. Victor is proud of him and drags Kate off for coffee. Mimi approaches and says they need to do something about the baby and Philip says how they should terminate the contract. Bonnie asks- is a lack of class being implied. She tells them that Kate knew about Shawn being Claire's father. Philip is less than pleased.

John and a Trenton detective enter Marlena's room. John has a look around and spots the blood on the door and gives it a good whiff. The detective gets a phone call saying that the blood was a pig's blood. John says that clearly someone is messing with his family. He ruffles through things and finds a receipt for a storage facility - it was clearly planted it. John gets a call from Sami and they talk. Later, John and the detective find the warehouse and walk on in. Goodness me, there's a large box in there - wonder what could be in there. He opens up the box and Marlena is inside. She says, "I knew you'd come for me."

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 9, 2006 3:35 PM
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Abe needs to shut the h*ll up!! Tek and Lexie are sexy as h*ll as a couple. I can't stand the Abe and Lexie union...that scene on Monday was gross!!!

Bring back the sexy...Tek and Lexie!!!

-- Posted by: TexieLove at October 11, 2006 11:30 PM

Poor Marlena being stuck in that box...I hate sml spaces.

-- Posted by: becky at February 19, 2008 12:30 AM

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