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Days of Our Lives: The Memory (Partially) Returns!

Patch tells Billie that Stephanie and Max are okay but he can't bring himself to go to the hospital. Patch blames himself for everything - that she went out angry because of him. Billie says it's not his fault - Max' car blew up right in front of hers. Patch says his family is better off without him. Billie asks him, doesn't he want his life back?

At the hospital Kayla says she wants to see Stephanie as they wheel her in and the person wheeling her in says she needs with the doctors. The doctor orders all sorts of tests on Stephanie. Outside, Kayla offers Shawn Senior's medal back but he insists she keeps it - and he goes to check in on Max, who comes in right after Shawn Senior leaves. He feels responsible for everything. After the doctor tells Kayla she can see Stephanie she goes in and asks Stephanie how she is doing. Stephanie wants to know where her father is and Kayla isn't sure. Patch comes in with Billie just as Kayla comes out - Kayla tells her that Stephanie is stable and asking for him. He goes in to see her and Kayla tells Billie they need to talk.

Lexie can't believe that Abe would betray her. Tek insists it is the case. SHe says she will never forgive him for using their son like that. She excuses herself to get ready for the date. Back at home, Lexie opens the door for Abe, who apologizes for being late. He asks what she is making him and she hits him and calls him a less than pleasant word. He asks what that all about and she explains and asks how he could do it. He tells her that he is sorry but he was wrong and he hated to deceive her - and he meant everything he said to her. All he really wants is to come home to them because he really does love her. She doesn't believe him though she so badly wants to be a family again. He says he wants to show her how much he loves her.

Abe looks at all the things found in the garage. It pretty much rules out Lexie because of the time the evidence must have been found. Roman tells him he can now cancel his date with Lexie - but clearly he doesn't want to.

Cameron says that Bo's vendetta against Patrick means the evidence should be thrown out and the case dropped. The judge inquires about the vendetta and Cameron says it is about Bo's wife. Cameron says all Patrick did was to take care of Hope - and so Bo set out to destroy Patrick. The judge allows Patrick to speak and he says that he's sorry that Hope has to be dragged into this - she is pregnant with his baby. All he wants to do is spend the rest of his life with Hope. He says he wouldn't even jaywalk. Bo offers to take a polygraph and there's nothing to suggest they have the wrong person. Of course this is when Roman comes in and says, "That's not entirely true."

He explains that there was what appeared to be an accident at the track and they found a glove, a burnt toy car, and a note, which he then reads - it says the evidence in Patrick's house was planted and that the tormentor is still at large. Bo objects but the judge allows Roman to speak. They also found fake receipts and gun registrations - Patrick didn't buy the gun or the shoes, and said that when a given car would hit 200 miles per hour the flux capacitor would activate and the car would travel through time - er, the car would explode. Clearly whoever wrote the note was Eve's killer. All charges are dropped. Hope apologizes to Patrick but she wishes that both he and the lawyer hadn't aired their dirty laundry - a term Patrick is less than pleased to be referred to as.

Doctor Ross tells Philip that the only way they can save Belle's life is to take the baby. Philip is crushed. She gives him consent forms to sign and he says he can't risk losing her, and he signs the papers, apologizing to Shawn. Shawn says he would do the same in the same position. Presumably post-facto, Belle starts coming out of anesthesia. Belle asks Philip what is going on and he says everything will be fine - but they had to take the baby. She cries and says that he promised her he wouldn't do it and yells at him to get out - so he tells Shawn to stay with her. Shawn tells her that Philip didn't have a choice in the matter and she cries for their baby. The nurse gives Belle a (hopefully) strong sedative and soon Philip comes back and she apologizes to him, and Shawn gives them some time alone.

Back at the flat Shawn tells Margie she can go and she wonders where Philip is. He says that he is at the hospital and Margie leaves. When Shawn puts Claire down for her nap she cries (quite a bit, too) and soon Philip comes in and asks what he is doing there - he says he came to check in on Claire. When Philip picks Claire up she stops crying. He thanks Shawn for trying to help out and Shawn says he is sorry for giving Philip a hard time. Claire comes first for Philip. Shawn leaves a message for Frankie saying he wants to drop the custody lawsuit.

Patch tells Stephanie that he's so sorry he didn't come right away and that he clearly doesn't know anything about being a father. He begs her to get better and give him another chance. Patch suddenly has a flashback to Stephanie as a baby and then he starts to cry and tells Stephanie that he remembers her as Kayla watches and cries along.

--Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 6, 2006 6:42 PM
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